Sunday, November 3, 2019

Final Case Guidelines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final Case Guidelines - Essay Example gement information system also helps to create a report which consists of expenses of any franchise and compare it with the approved budget; this is done on a monthly basis. MIS helps the managers to understand the performance of their organization, how can they improve and to plan on a course of action for the future (, 2015). Sine McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world and it operates thousands of franchises all over the world there are certain issues that exist in the management information system of the McDonald’s such as the large global expansion of the business worldwide give in many chances of security thefts and chances of hackers to hack into the system to gain valuable information that is needed by the competitors of McDonald. If and when hacking or a breach in this information system occurs then there is also a possibility that the hacker might edit the information present on the system. Emails are another source of hacking that poses a security threat to the company. Secondly, the organization is connected to various other computers all over the world with the help of internet or intranet and hence the speed of the internet or intranet connection is also an issue which may increase the lag time and hence may result in a delay of processes. Thirdly, the lar ge expansion of the business also results in non-uniformity in the format of data being obtained and this might vary according to the location of the franchises (, n.d.).. The solutions to these problems are quite simple if they be implemented in a proper and organized manner. In order to prevent the information management system from getting hacked or getting infected with virus there are certain steps such as the use of passwords which are not to be made available to anyone or everyone and is only for the upper management level who are trustworthy enough. Other preventive measures that the organization can take in order to prevent

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