Thursday, December 19, 2019

How Americas Changed Physically, Socially, and Politically...

Comprehensive Essay In the essay I will explain how Americas changed physically, socially, and politically since 1787. In paragraph two I will talk about how Americas changed physically. In paragraph three I will talk about how Americas changed socially. In paragraph four I will talk about how Americas changed politically. Than in paragraph five I will go over all of the important things that I have covered in the previous paragraphs. So let’s get started in 1787 as a small but confident country. Our country, America, has changed physically so much since 1787. America has adopted lands all over, especially from the west. The Texas Revolution was the revolt of Texans towards the Mexico for their independence. The Louisiana Purchase was†¦show more content†¦The Declaration of Independence declared independence from Great Britain. The three guarantees that the Declaration of Independence called for was Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three guaranteed things gave U.S citizens a basis for their other rights to stand upon. In conclusion, the U.S has changed so dramatically from 1787 to 1860. It changed physically from only thirteen colonies to a whole 50 state country. It also changed socially from small population to millions of people. Lastly, America changed politically by starting having federalists and anti-federalists to having republicans and democrats, also it starting out as Articles of Confederation to a Republic to a Democracy. So America has changed so much in physical, social, and political

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