Sunday, January 12, 2020

French Fishtail Braid

Demonstration speech I. Introduction A. Greeting and hook: Most of you probably already know how to do a simple braid and maybe some of you can do a French Braid, but do you know how to french fishtail braid? B. Thesis: Today I will show you how to do a French fishtail braid. C. Credibility statement: I personally love to do this braid because it’s intricate looking but easy to do. I have done it many times and really enjoy doing it. D. Main points: First I will talk about preparing the hair, then I will discuss the process of French fishtail braiding.I’ll give some helpful tips and finally I will show you a finished braid. II. Body (Transition statement: To prepare for this hair design, you are going to need some supplies) A. Getting the supplies, brushing hair and damp vs. dry hair 1. What you will need. a. A brush to detangle. b. One pony tail holder. c. A mirror. d. Some bobby pins to pin away stray hairs. e. Hair spray 2. To begin preparing whoever’s hair yo u’re braiding, start by brushing or combing the hair. 3. It doesn’t matter if the hair is dry or wet. But it is easier to braid wet hair because it doesn’t have so many flying pieces. Transition statement: Once the hair is prepared, let’s move on to the process of braiding. ) B. How to begin the braiding. 1. Gather a small handful of hair from the back center of the head, as though starting a classic French braid. 2. Separate the hair into two sections. 3. Take a skinny strand of hair from the right side of the face, pull it back and cross it over to join the left hair section 4. Take a skinny strand of hair from the left side of the face, pull it back and cross it over to join the right hair section. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all hair is incorporated into the two sections.You may now pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail or continue braiding the â€Å"tail† part of the braid. 6. Take a skinny strand of hair from the right section, cross i t over to the left section and pull tight. 7. Take a skinny strand of hair from the left section, cross it over to the right section and pull tight. 8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all hair is braided. Secure the end with a hair tie. C. Tips and tricks 1. You can put the hair band on your wrist before you start, that way all you have to do is slide it off your wrist and it’s right there when you need it. . A spritz of hair spray as you go helps keep the braid neat while you keep working. 3. For a messier look, tease your hair before braiding. 4. Doing the fishtail braid while your hair is wet will give it a firmer grip, creating a more precise braid. 5. Try a fishtail braid bun if your hair is long. Start the braid and then wrap it in a bun. 6. For a Katniss Everdeen look from Hunger Games, start French fishtail halfway up one side of your head and wrap it down the other side. 7. For thicker hair, consider using thicker strands for better control. III. Conclusion Transition sta tement: Now you can see that creating a French Fishtail Braid is a simple variation of the regular French Braid. A. Main points: Don’t forget, when you are creating your own Fishtail French Braid, remember these tips; 1. Get your supplies all out and ready before you begin. 2. Practice using two instead of three strands of hair to accomplish the braid. 3. Wet hair is a great tip to keep the braid neater and finish it all off with hair spray. B. Closer: and as we come to an end I hope that I was helpful and that you all have a good understanding of how to do a french fishtail braid.

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