Friday, September 27, 2019

Criminal Law 205 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Criminal Law 205 - Essay Example Thus, the defence behind the organised crime practice has played a significant role in enlightening the people about the crime that is in the streets. It has also been the avenue to reducing the crime by bringing to light the criminals that caught in the act and put them behind bars. In this regard, it is important to appreciate RICO and thus maintain it within this firm even under minimal chance. The society today has an outcry due to the constant increase of the organised crime. There are many cases of white collar crimes that are going on every new day. The main purpose for the defence teams in the legal firms is to ensure justice and eradicate such criminal activities in the society. Thus, is the role of RICO today in the legal firms. RICO defence practice pulls out the white collar crimes and the organised criminal activities that are affecting the well being of the nations. The RICO act was started so as to pin down all people involved in any organised crime. It was not to punish the defendants, but mainly to reduce the rate of the organised crimes in the society. RICO has since been used as a channel, to prosecute all people who violate federal regulations. Before RICO was started, there were many crimes that were not noted by the federal government. However, once RICO came into play, the number of crimes charged increase. Some of the white collar crimes noted includes the illegal drug usage and corruption amongst other white collar crimes. Through RICO, all the defendants found guilty get a sentence that equivalent tot he crime a person has committed. From the time RICO came into practice, the changes that have been made in the legal chambers are evident in the society. In the past, the federal government could not realize most of the white collar crimes that were taking place behind the scenes especially the criminal activities that were done in offices. All people practicing fraud and stealing public funds in

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