Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Research Report for the Teenagers' View on Sex Essay

The Research Report for the Teenagers' View on Sex - Essay Example Research question: The fundamental research questions guiding this study are: "What are the essential views of a teenager regarding sex" "What do such views of a teenager signify with regard to his particular life stage" Aims of study: The focal point of the study has been an investigation on a teenager's views on sex. The study also covers an analysis of the various developmental needs of a teenager, especially relating to his sexual needs. The study also investigates the characteristics of a teenager's life as suggested primarily by his views on sex. This reflective analysis of the attitudes of teenagers on the question of sex calls for a mixed methodology incorporating both qualitative and quantitative research, aiming at establishing the fundamental views of teenagers. Literature review provides another most essential tool for the investigative purposes. The scope for an extensive sampling and data collection is limited in this sort study. Therefore, the main focus will be a discussion on the topic with regard to the review of literature. Sex has been one of the subtlest issues of discussion among the teenagers, and the lack of proper sex education among teenagers is evident in several cases. The distorted and disinterested attitudes of the adults and teachers regarding sex education of the teenagers are especially reflected in their understanding of sex. Through seminal researches and interviews with teenagers, found that "most of the teenagers had never had a single serious, factual discussion about sex with any adult, including parents." (Adelman 1992. P. 15). According to him, the basic issue with regard to teenager's attitudes of sex has been the result of the lack of sex education and the prevailing traditional views on sex. "The results of poor education, ignorance, and conservative ideas about sexuality have been appalling." (Adelman 1992. P. 15). It is obvious fact to every parent that the teenage years are all but an easy time. There are several issues concerning teenagers which become the hallmarks of ever y family's discussions and they include dating, driving, and drinking etc. The 'do's and don'ts' of proper behaviour as well as decorum lie beneath a teenager's every move. "Parents fret that they have not done enough to ensure their child's growth and success; teachers worry that they are not preparing their students for their next grade or career move; and teenagers agonize over every step because, for them, every step is their first step." (Kaplan 1999. P. Xviii). Sexual perceptions of the teenagers are the central factor which indicates the developments of the individuals through adolescence. It is of paramount consideration that young people, by the time they reach adolescence, have acquired sexual attitudes, values, and behaviours, and they are picked up by the stereotypes of gender. A teenage girl tends to believe that she needs to fit in with what their sexual counterparts require in the way of feminine image, and, thus, she considers romancing and being in love are significant to her life. Similarly, teenage boys take on a competitive masculine style and they consider risk taking as part of 'being man'. In their teenage

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