Monday, August 26, 2019

Cloud Computing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example The reason for the study of â€Å"cloud computing† is to have a detailed insight into the history, significance, fundamentals, components, systems, methodologies, and implementation, and more related to cloud computing. This paper achieves this purpose by first discussing the history of cloud computing, followed by the discussion of its ramifications in the technology world, development of the system and its security, and relationship between agile software development and cloud computing. The history of cloud computing Although there is subjectivity about the exact time when the term cloud computing surfaced, yet it appears to have originated from the use of the stylized clouds drawings for the denotation of the networks in the diagrams of communication systems and computing. â€Å"Cloud† as a word is often used for the Internet metaphorically. The Internet is being represented by the symbol of a cloud since 1994. Since the prevalence of computers, technologists and scientists have been exploring ways to increase the availability of the power of large-scale computers to the users by means of such ways as experimenting with the algorithms for the maximal use of infrastructure, sharing of time, and the optimal use of applications and platform with the prioritized access to the central processing units. The â€Å"Dynamic Web† describes the process of development of the Internet from being just document centric toward its increased ability to render different kinds of services. This contribution particularly focused on the need for the meta-data that could describe the implementation details as well as other conceptual details of the applications based on model. The omnipresence of the high-capacity networks, storage devices, computers of low cost, utility computing, and the widespread adoption of the service-oriented architecture, and hardware virtualization are some of the most fundamental factors that have caused the growth of cloud computing. People involved in cloud computing include J.C.R. Licklider, John McCarthy, and Douglas F. Parkhill. Licklider brought the cloud computing’s concept to the forefront. McCarthy proposed that computation would be organized as a public utility in the future. Parkhill comprehensively discussed all the contemporary features of cloud computing in his book â€Å"The Challenge of the Computer Utility† (Banerjee, 2011). Hurdles in the development and implementation include but are not limited to flawed predictions of cost savings, increase in the cost of operation, lack of ability to comply with the requirements of growing capacity, chargeback, bandwidth, and scarcity of trained professionals in cloud computing. Another major hurdle is the security concern; the available offerings of cloud are public networks and hence increase the vulnerability of the system to the attacks. Ramifications of cloud computing in the technology world 1. Mobile communication The recent advances in the networks of mobile communication and the increasing popularity of the smart phones have empowered the users and caused a massive transformation in the mobile Internet. Nevertheless, the limited capabilities of information storage and computing of the mobile devices have traditionally served as big hurdles in the way of supporting the

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