Friday, August 16, 2019

Culture is learned

Which country has the richest culture? You can't quantify richness of culture. No one is better than the others, in my opinion, every culture has their own uniqueness. Culture is learned I would say any culture or sub-culture is learned. It's environmental. Every culture is learned by the people who live It. Even people born Into a culture learn the culture as they grow and mature. I think almost everything is cultured and everyone is cultured.For instance, we were born as babies, we had not learned anything yet, but we were able to cry, and express our feelings In certain ways. There was no culture Involve until we learned and observed from our parents or others how to do things to follow our custom rules, and so forth. How culture Is developed? By formulating rules, norms and beliefs. Culture Shock Culture Shock Is a term used to describe the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment. Usually, the way that we lived before is not accepted or considered nor mal in the new country.Everything is different, for example, not speaking the language, not knowing how to use simple everyday Items such as banking machines or knowing how to take a bus. Week 6 reflection How many people must to perform his/her duty In the society In order for you to sit In the classroom right now? That's too many people that I couldn't even count it out. I think every citizen is related and It's all somehow connected. It's a human society CHAIN. Parents pay tuition fee for me to study In university.But their salary comes from the revenue of their business. The revenue comes from the purchase of the consumers, etc. School gets paid in order to run the system well, and it also needs professor and administrators to take care of. So I thank every person in this society. I do believe people present themselves in different ways in different situations with different people. It's all about impression management. That's what you really should Humans have developed the abi lity to quickly decide whether a new person will hurt or enrich us.Just three seconds are sufficient to make a conclusion about fresh acquaintances, so I think impression management is really important to everyone. Social exchange models assume that rewards and costs drive relationship decisions. Both parties in a social exchange take responsibility for one another and depend on each other. Worth = Rewards – Costs If worth is a positive number, it is a positive relationship. On the contrary, a negative number indicates a negative relationship. The worth of a relationship influences its outcome, or whether people will continue with a relationship or terminate it.

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