Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Introducing all readers to the implications of a multicultural society for law enforcement, inside and outside the police agency discussing the aspects of the changing population, and presents views on diversity the presence of different cultures can affect the very nature and perception of crime itself (Robert M. Shusta) Law enforcement challenges related to the growing multicultural population in the United States begins with the need for an increased understanding of the diverse populations with which law enforcement officials interact. Society incorporates a brief historical perspective on immigration. The contact between a person’s culture and a particular crime or offense this essay presents practical reasons why officers should have an understanding of the cultural backgrounds of the groups they commonly encounter. Prejudice interferes with, but can be overcome by, the professional behavior of police officers. Community based policing, along with its implications for positive relations and contact with diverse immigrant and ethnic communities. Enforcement in multicultural communities accepting diversity has always been a difficult proposition for most Americans (Miller, 2003). Typical criticisms of immigrants, now and historically, include, they don’t learn our language, they hold on to their cultures, their customs and behavior are strange, and they form cliques. Many newcomers have historically resisted Americanization; keeping to ethnic enclaves they were not usually accepted by mainstream society. Attending training in cultural diversity has become a mainstay of contemporary police professional development. Although many officers have received such training repeatedly, they often lose sight of the underlying issues that... ... will remain complicated. At a minimum, there must be a basic acceptance of diversity on the part of all criminal justice representatives as a precursor to improving interpersonal relations and contact across ethnic, cultural, and racial lines. For over 150 years, there has been a history of tension and conflict between minority and the police communities in the United States. Law enforcement enforce the law and protect all citizens regardless of race or ethnic background, yet police across the states have been repeatedly accused of targeting and harassing racial minorities, and failing to root out racist attitudes and practices within their ranks. Recent, high profile cases of beatings by police have only served to heighten concerns over the mistreatment of minorities by the police, resulting in extensive calls for major institutional and legal reforms.

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