Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Business Law exam 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Law exam 1 - Essay Example Various studies have shown that most people do not have sufficient knowledge about employment law; as a result they are disadvantaged in the employment environment especially in an event of dispute (Moran 13). Also, most people in the workforce do not understand their rights and in most cases act against their own self interest based on insufficient information. Jill Johansen’s scenario is one of many others that demonstrate how employees may be short-changed or disadvantaged in an event of dispute between the employers and employees. The scenario presented aptly shows that Johansen was short- changed and it is imperative that she seek damages and remedies. In search of remedies and damages, Johansen must prove labor and employment laws relating to her situation. This is crucial because US state and federal labor and employment laws provides for employee’s rights and how employer and employee should relate, as well as the appropriate manner of terminating their relationship and remedies and damages involved. Besides, Johansen must prove some elements of proof relating to her situation. It is advisable that the plaintiff must prove elements of proof so as to win suits (Moran 55). Since Johansen seeks to be awarded remedies and damages she must prove the following elements: the defendant (employer) did not originally or subsequently divulge the full description of the job; the defendant, in a calculative manner included client escort service as part of her job after two months of the plaintiff contract; the additional job requirement is told to her without seeking her approval regarding that job requirement. Each of these elements raises concerns on the veering off from the fundamental elements of the written contract between Johansen and her employer, a situation that seems to act against the interest of Johansen but

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