Sunday, October 6, 2019

Quantitative Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Quantitative Methods - Essay Example Walmart, Inc uses online customer survey feed back form regarding employees’ courtesy, quality of product and services, competitive price issues, overall satisfaction level to know the perceptions of the consumer. It is very important for a retailer to know its consumers well or it might loss the share of the market in the competing environment of today. Walmart, Inc is renowned for having happy and satisfied set of customers. It is possible only because they know their customers well. Quantitative analysis generates statistical data through the large scale survey research using different methods like structured interviews and questionnaires. The researcher tries to reach as many respondents and collect information to the highest extent possible. The quantitative analysis is mostly used by construction companies, financial market advisory company. They believe more on statically data, analysis them and finds out the future requirements, predicts the market for opportunity for exploitation. Like Gannet Company Inc analyze on financial data and publishes all the financial information of different companies. From this information, many investors find out the company of investment, where their money can grow and provide a higher return. So, it is important to analyze the data in a quantified manner so that investors can easily understand and make their choice. Science is an intellectual search. The scientific approach is essential for analyzing the data which needs an inductive reasoning to derive to general principles based on specific observations. Generalization is powerful weapon to make prediction. To control the dependent and independent variables, scientific research is mandatory. The research done with the help of scientific approach is more reliable and valid. The scientific approach minimizes influence of biased prejudices in the experiments. Companies like Merriman Market Analyst uses scientific way to analyze data from daily stock

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