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Eli Wiesel's Night Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Eli Wiesel's Night - Essay Example Having faced myriad hardships during the tender age, Elie Wiesel wondered the kind of problems that he had to undergo. Weisel believed in God during his studies about the Jewish mysticism; to determine a mentor while studying at Kabbalah1. The perception that God would be found everywhere changed after being taken to Birkenau and forced to believe in a different faith. Wiesel was a committed believer who was interested in reviewing the Talmud and the Cabbala. This is depicted by his inquisitive minds when he asks his father to get him an appropriate tutor. However his father holds reservations that his son is still young to enroll for superior studies. His father’s refusal does not deter him because he approaches Moshe the Beadle for assistance over the same issue. The narrator further states that the (chariot) cattle car in which the Jews are forced to travel in is extremely congested and wretched. It is portrayed for having no room since he cannot lie down; nonetheless, they are forced to take turns so as to get place and s a short time rest. In CITATION 2: the author cleverly introduces external conflict that the Jews are facing. For instance, in the statement â€Å"From this moment on, you are under the authority of the German Army† (23-24). Wiesel illustrates conflict with the German officer and Hungarian lieutenant who confiscate all of their goods and belonging. Throughout the holocaust as reflected in the narration, there was conflict between the Jews and the Nazis. Another instance of such conflict is portrayed through Mrs. Schà ¤chter (p. 24-28). She is an example of external conflict since she keeps shouting that what her eyesight can see is fire and flames that the Jews who are with her on the train cannot. In the story this is also symbolizes foreshadowing of the future. Besides, external conflict continues to show the degree of deplorable conduct through external Eliezer’s family is split ‘Men to the

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