Saturday, October 5, 2019

Personal reflexion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal reflexion - Essay Example He told me that laboratory findings should not be mentioned in the history which should rather focus on what the patient tells us. He guided me that dehydration in children was checked on the abdomen rather than forehead. The teacher was very helpful and encouraged me along with telling me never to hesitate. He motivated me to work on patients alone and not to hesitate. I would definitely teach as a doctor if I come across a group of students who are new and find it difficult to work alone on patients. I learned from my experience that new students should never be criticized especially in front of the patients because it makes them loose confidence and they then find it difficult to go up to patients alone and learn. Q.2.Describe one example from your medical training when you received feedback on an aspect of your performance. Explain how that feedback altered your subsequent practice. How will you use this experience to develop a specific aspect of your foundation training? Answer: When our clinical training in the surgery ward started we were taught how to perform examination on patients suffering from hernia and in the next training session I was called forward to conduct the examination on the other patient. I performed all the steps required and checked the hernia and I presented the diagnosis that it was a case of direct inguinal hernia. The teacher approved of my confidence but he told me that I had missed on a few examination points including the ring occlusion test and I had actually confused an indirect inguinal hernia with a direct one. From this experience I learned that being doctors we should be very careful while presenting our diagnosis. All tests and examinations should always be performed before reaching to a conclusion. I will always be very careful during my foundation training not to repeat any such mistake and be careful enough to perform

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