Thursday, July 25, 2019

Analysis of the Current and Future use of Internet Technologies in Essay

Analysis of the Current and Future use of Internet Technologies in Qatar Airways - Essay Example By encouraging passengers to book directly with the airline, substantial savings arise because airlines do not incur payments to travel agents and Global Distribution System Companies. Thus, Qatar Airways has tried to enable maximum interaction with passengers through its website, in addition to providing passengers with Internet and text messaging services on board its more modern aircrafts. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis suggests that competitive rivalry persists among airlines in the Middle East and Qatar Airways must offer the same level of service as Emirates Airlines, the leading airline brand in the region, for less. The infomediary model presented by Professor Michael Rappa assists in understanding the strategy for Qatar Airways, which must use incentive marketing and emphasise presentation of comprehensive information. The Flower of Service Model suggests that Qatar Airways must emphasise support for its core product of transporting passengers with services geared to provide information, consultation, hospitality, billing and payment together with order-taking and the handling of exceptions. Presently, Qatar Airways uses Internet technologies to support the previously mentioned services, but it is likely that in the future further support for passengers and their needs will be available as higher bandwidth networks become available and better interfacing w ith modern airports, including the new Doha airport, becomes available. Examination and analysis of the Qatar Airways website suggests that this website provides all passenger needs, except for assisting passengers to plan fully their trips. The Qatar Airways website ranks second only to the Emirates Airlines website among all regional airline websites because at present Qatar Airways cannot provide comprehensive service to passengers wanting to plan their trips in detail, possibly

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