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Outline for arts speech †story of Hamlet Essay

IB TOK R3 1. Story of Hamlet A. Hamlet son of late king Claudius, mother remarried less than 2 months after her husband’s death. B. Ghost of late king visits Hamlet and tells him that the new king murdered him. C. Hamlet lashes out at everyone around him, including his love Ophelia. D. Hamlet plots to kill king E. Hamlet stages a play called â€Å"The Mousetrap,† in which a king is murdered by his brother, who then takes up with his wife, Claudius freaked out and Hamlet Claudius is guilty. F. Hamlet visited his mother and derides her for taking up such man. G. Polonius, Ophelia’s father, hid himself in Gertrude’s, Hamlet’s mother, room behind a curtain. When he calls out for help, Hamlet kills him thinking that it is the king. See more: outline format for essay H. Because of the murder, Hamlet is sent to England and when he returns to Elsinore, he sees a funeral-taking place, he finds that Ophelia has drowned. Her brother Laertes, blaming Hamlet for the death his father and sister, challenges Hamlet to a duel. I. At the duel, Laertes poisons his blade to make sure Hamlet will die. At the same time, Claudius inserts a poison pearl into a wine cup in hope that Hamlet will drink it. J. Every important character dies: Gertrude gets to the cup first, and dies. Laertes wounds Hamlet with the poison blade, Hamlet mortally wounds Laertes. Hamlet then finds out that Claudius put poison in the cup and he goes after the king and kills him. Then Hamlet lies down and dies. K. This play is often referred to as â€Å"the one in which everybody dies.† 2. Differences between the two A. Mel Gibson version directed by Franco Zeffirelli 1. Starts differently 2. Only 135 min. cut out huge sections. 3. High number of extra- King actually seems to have power 4. Color -can relate 5. Play-in-play with spoken words- much more importance- used by hamlet as proof. 6. Seemed to be made to retell an old story 7. Switched around to make it more entertaining 8. Said by a critic to be written for the masses a. short b. cut out dialogue- easier for common people to understand c. fun to watch B. Olivier as hamlet directed by himself 1. Starts as the play does 2. Less extras- King seems to rule no one 3. 155 min -missing huge sections 4. Play-in-play in mime less importance done to jab at the king and queen for what they have done 5. New interpretation of an old story 6. Black and White cannot relate to lack of color as well 7. Friends of Hamlet left out a. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern not in b. Allows Hamlet to be less insane 8. Better sword play- build more suspense as to who will win 9. Cinematography changes feeling Darker a. castle is dark and so is the sky, see more of the dark sky b. Humor is cut out 3. Differences in Hamlet A. Soliloquies in Olivier to self allows him to get closer to subjects, inner turmoil, in Zeffirelli it is out loud, insanity 1. Kill Claudius when praying 2. To be or not to be B. In Zeffirelli- acts much more insane- wild eyed, over the top. C. In Olivier- much more reserved, caustic when speaking. 4. Other differences in characters A. Queen Gertrude 1. In Olivier a. actress is 29 years old Olivier is 41- looks strange b. drinks the poison knowing that she will die- to save Hamlet, a noble death 2. In Zeffirelli a. Devastating and tragic death- didn’t knew that the cup was poisoned, more of an impact on viewers. B. Ophelia 1. In Zeffirelli a. Completely mad, gives out bones and sticks and calls them flowers 2. Olivier a. Semi-mad, more out of it than insane C. Dead King 1. Zeffirelli a. King looks like he is alive and is just back visiting not freighting 2. Olivier a. Never see the face of the king, comes surrounded in fog b. Scary c. See the murder acted out 5. Conclusion A. Way the director influenced my perception of the story 1. Same story, many of the same lines, same characters, but different feelings emitted from both. a. Zeffirelli humorous, have fun watching it makes the ending more tragic more of a dramatic change b. Olivier is dark always fell that something terrible is going to happen end not as devastating c. Polonius: Words, words, words B. Olivier version constitutes what I believe to be a masterpiece when following Clark’s definition from unit four of our book. 1. follows all of the guidelines a. The original play by Shakespeare that it is based off of fills the first 5 requirements as well as the last. b. Olivier’s version creates the feeling of complete supremacy of the artist’s art. Whereas Zeffirelli’s is entertaining but not a masterpiece. c. Olivier’s version won 5 Oscars, Zeffirelli’s, none. Show preview only

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