Sunday, July 28, 2019

Vsphere 4.1 and the security enhancements of it Essay

Vsphere 4.1 and the security enhancements of it - Essay Example However, the network security remains a topmost consideration for manager at all levels and a solution viability and dependability proportionate the level of security it ensures. Specially, the threat of hackers requires extra bit of security and guard to ensure the cyber security in various implementations of virtualization. Therefore, the security aspect of virtualization software has become an important feature to lookout while determining its worth. vSphere â„ ¢ 4.1 VSphere â„ ¢ 4.1 is a virtualization platform provided by the VMware, a pioneer firm in the field of virtualization. The platform is used extensively in the industry for deployment of numerous servers and host in cloud infrastructures. The basic theme is to increase the utilization by exploiting the flexibilities of computing power of a server machine while incorporating effective security controls at various layers of a cloud network. The challenges faced by the platform include the higher availability of the n etwork resources, solid integration of various virtualized servers and ensured directory level security. VSphere â„ ¢4.1 has distinct security feature for various level including Enterprise, DMZ and Specialize Security Limited Functionality (SSLF). VSphere â„ ¢4.1 has come up with newer feature to introduce and incorporate these and many other built-in security controls and features. Some of these security enhancements are discussed in the following paragraphs. Operating System Hardening VSphere â„ ¢4.1 provides various OS hardening features at various levels of the infrastructure. This includes numerous Virtual Machine (VM) Management APIs which enables system administrators to write programs and scripts both for VM operations and guest operating systems. Management APIs provide extended flexibility to server administrators and managers to incorporate a tailor made model of security into cloud infrastructure. vMotionTM The agile and quickest response of a resource is the p rime objective of higher availability in virtualized network infrastructures. The vMotionTM feature of vSphere â„ ¢ ensures the five times faster migrations of servers within platform with an added benefit of eight parallel vMotionTM events. This fast response time and parallel computing support is an important enhancement when compared to previous versions of the software. A network environment is considered as much secure as much it ensures the failover and backup capabilities. High Availability In today’s cyber world when your private network have to have an external face for integration with external private and public networks, the implementation of security measures, diagnostic routines and continuous health checks become indispensable and crucial for hackers prevention and cyber security. vSphere â„ ¢ 4.1 has several feature and algorithms to ensure high availability of your network through on the fly health checks and diagnostic utilities. â€Å"Deeper diagnost ic and health check capabilities further enhances application availability in virtual machines† (VMware, 2010). Active Directory Integration Authorization and authentication of legitimate users and administrators is a core security concern in business domains where remote access encounters an ever present hacking and other cybercrimes threat. This concern grows even deeper when you have several servers

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