Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How does the Steiner approach to learning differ from the Montessori Essay

How does the Steiner approach to learning differ from the Montessori Method - Essay Example Montessori approach and Steiner approach are two educational approaches that teach children. Both came from Europe and teach children in a calm, non-coercive manner. They also provide safe, enticing, and entertaining learning environment to children. Another similarity is both educational approaches respect and believe in the capabilities of children. However, there are differences in the two approaches in terms of curriculum, teaching styles, teachers’ profile, focus of studies, and other aspects. Montessori Approach was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the late 19th century. Dr. Montessori coined her Montessori schools as â€Å"Children’s Houses†. These â€Å"houses† are the schools and facilities that provide well-planned and safe surrounding wherein children can learn and appreciate what they have learned. Moreover, these facilities are deemed to inculcate to every child the values of harmony, concern for the environment, and intercultural appreciation. According to Montessori Centre International, the principles behind Montessori education are grounded on the concepts of liberty and self progress combined with the different practical approaches. In this type of educational approach, children are considered to be able to understand the lessons taught without difficult if they are provided with appropriate activities at the appropriate time. Montessori aims to teach children to be educated and spread peace in the world (Coulter, 1991, p.3). The main goal of the Montessori approach is the natural progress of children of which the dormant physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human being are brought out and developed based on a meaningful life (Miller, 1997, p. 160). Montessori approach believes in the innate intelligence of children which includes all aspects such as mental, empirical, spiritual (Edwards, 2002). Montessori Method of education focuses on training children in a holistic approach which includes

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