Thursday, July 25, 2019

Customer experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Customer experience - Essay Example When being given service, the customers will feel appreciated because the attendants will use etiquettes and respect the decision they make. In addition, the will feel appreciated by being given offers. Moreover, the customers will not be restricted. They will be allowed to see what is happening in the stores. This will make them feel important. Free services such as wifi will make the customers to spend even more time in the stores. The shop will show them various mobile phones and other technological gadgets. In addition, they will be informed of their distinct specifications. This will increase their level of confidence towards the products being offered. This is because they can be able to check whether the gadget being purchased meets the specific requirements. When solving a problem, the customers will feel engaged because they will be taken through the steps being used come into a conclusion. This will improve their confidence towards the shop. Once they purchase a product or even fail to purchase a product, they will feel important by being appreciated for taking their time to visit the shop. All these experience will play a significant role in increasing their confidence and changing their perception towards the shop. In addition, they will increase the customer loyalty towards the shop and products being sold

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