Sunday, February 17, 2019

Beowulf Essay -- Epic of Beowulf Essays

He killed three heavyweights and thence he died. Not a very interesting fate, provided it is none the less one that I find myself having to write intimately regardless of whether or non I want to. Thus it was, the mighty Beowulf of sexagenarian England that went forth to slay the evils which plagued the lands of his declare people as well as those of his neighboring tribes. The second interlocqueen was one that was brought about by Beowulfs willingness to go and help an old friend, and thus he nearly lost his life once more. For those not acquainted with the story of Beowulf, he was state to be the goodest art object always to live, and given this he was fated according to their beliefs to accomplish certain things in his life. Some of these things being to be slaying of majuscule monsters and winning of majuscule wars. And thus that is what he did as he progressed through life. The epic is sooner brief in terms of what an epic normally is, but, in this time he manages t o travel to a distant land, and slay a monster that has taken over that land, and then after that feat he of trend makes that monsters mother mad, you know you can do something to someone without making unspoiled old mom mad. So, then Beowulf must kill the mother and then after they are both sent into hell, the land is free of monocracy and injustice Beowulf returns home a hero. After fifty winters of rule by Beowulf, a dragon attacks his people because of what was done by a thief, so Beowulf knowing in his old age that he would probably not survive this battle to slay the dragon, goes into battle anyway and slays the dragon and he himself is then slain, by injuries sustained by this fight. My focus is fate, and how no reckon how Beowulf decided to do it he would eventually die for his people.Those of the age of Beowulf, were strong bankrs in fate and destiny. Everyone was born with a fate already designate to them by the gods. And this was the case with Beowulf. One of Hygela cs thanes, Beowulf by name, renowned among the Geats for his great bravery, heard in his own country of Grendals crimes he was the strongest man alive, princely and powerful. He gave orders that a good ship should be prepared, said he would sail over the sea to assist the famous leader, the warrior king (Hrothgar) since he needed hardy men. (Crossley, Beowulf). Beowulf would set sail for Hrothgars country an... ... their, fate. Beowulf takes with him the greatest of warriors when he goes to fight the dragon and they all falter, it is because at that place is uncommon valor and bravery within Beowulf, it was the same with Batman. Gotham not unless has a city manager, but a police commissioner, a police chief, and squads of officers, but it is Batman who defeats the citys dragons. (Beowulf to Batman, Rollin) Beowulf fulfilled two of the roles in Gotham, he was the mayor and Batman. It was this that made him great and it was his fate that led him to do it.I do hereby conclude, that the erects of the belief in fate has had great effect over society and history the like. However I do believe that in the delivery of an epic rime it is best to concentrate specifically on the material contained within the epic first and to then appraise the symbolic and hidden meaning after the initial meaning of the poem is understood. I have myself had to reread the poem in order do make enough sense of it to be able to write about it. Beowulf has many things, namely concepts and ideals contained within it that we should all take into consideration and mayhap even model into our own lives.

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