Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Cause of World War I Essay -- World War 1 One WWI First History Es

The Cause of World state of war II Feel that on that point many reasons for the start of the First World War and not just one, I think its a chipping more complicated than that. I stool put them into six categories exclusively could be split into more if necessary. All the categories concern the main powers of Europe. The war was mainly started by feuds between the powers. There are alliances between the powers, The two-fold Alliance, which contained Germany, Austria and Italy. The Triple Entente, which contained Great Britain, Russia and France. The trigger to the war I feel was the Franz Ferdinand incident. Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian-Hungry throne, on the 28th of June 1914 was attempted to be assassinated. The incident happened when a grenade strickle his car, injuring an officeholder. Later on that day on his way to visit the officer in hospital, his driver took a wrong tern straight past Principe of the discolour Hand movement, who killed the Archduke and his wife.The next event in the chain was that because the Serbs want there people freed they cause up roar, as they are a patriot group. Serbia was commanding that they handed over Bosnia. Austria-Hungry after the Archduke being killed feel that they have to go to war with Serbia, but dont want to as they know that if they do Russia will get involved, as there so many Slavs in Russia. Austria-Hungry go to Germany to ask for there backing in the war. On the 23rd of July, knowing that they will have Germanys backing, send ...

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