Sunday, February 24, 2019

Damage Control Strategy for Alumina

alumina Incorporated is a $4Billion aluminum-making effort operating in eight countries with the United States of America as its groundwork which also accounts for 70% of its sales. It is situated in the fringes of Lake Dira in the State of Erehwon. atomic number 23 years ago, Alumina Incorporated was reported to be in impingement of environmental discharge norms in a routine EPA compliance rating inspection. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentration in test samples was above the prescribed qualify of 5milligrams per liter of all hydrocarbons.A clean-up was ordered by the Environmental Protection function (EPA), to which Alumina complied promptly. The subsequent environmental scrutinize reported the ravishment as corrected. Barring this one incident, Alumina Inc. has enjoyed a good general environmental record. Now, it is being accused by Kelly Bates, a 38-year-old single mother, of marked-up the waters of Lake Dira with carcinogenic effluents and that the a lleged contaminated water is the proximate eccentric of the leukemia Kelly Bates 10-year-old daughter. This accusation was made through the Erehwon Reporter, a local daily.Aluminas chemical reaction to control the damage eventd by this accusation was to lighting a news program story highlighting the efficacy of their system declaring that they use the best operable technology for pollutant cleanup in compliance with the smashing Water Act. This dodge was suggested by Arthur Todd, the legal counsel for the troupe. This damage control strategy, at first off blush, may seem to be too defensive as it is a direct counter to the accusation of Kelly Bates and is calculated to balance public opinion about the company. Even the Erehwon Reporter called this a defensive touch on in a double editorial.Despite the fact that this may be a defensive move, this is the proper route to handle an accusation made through the askto counter it through the press also. The media can be your fri end or foe during a disaster (Baker, 2001). When charged for being defensive by the Erehwon Reporter, Alumina no longer used the press to counter the charge. Instead, it ignored the Erehwon Reporter editorial and went on to conduct an sovereign site weigh to check for new violations. This shows the companys willingness to correct any shift as soon as possible. And this also shows concern for the environment and for the populace.This is a value which is very appealing to people. And truly enough, the independent site conduct showed that the PAH levels are lower than the prescribed limit of 5milligrams per liter of all hydrocarbons. This gives the company, as well as a large portion of the residents of Erehwon, a dish of breathing space. This should also quell Kelly Bates accusation against the company for a while. However, later on a short while, a study made by an American Scientific Society showed that the PAH levels in Lake Dira are high, in fact, 100times higher than pre-ur ban conditions.Although the cause of this was found to be the heavy traffic in Erehwon, and not the aluminum-making industry, this decision still puts into question the independent site study made by Alumina on the PAH levels of Lake Dira because their results are not in harmony with each other. This development prompted Kelly Bates and the press to approach the EPA to get hold of a simulate of the environmental audit report that documented Aluminas violation of the Clean Water Act phoebe bird years ago. They were claiming their rights as citizens to be informed of audits made by government agencies.Though they have such rights, the independence of Information Act (FOIA) allows the company to withhold confidential information. The environmental audit report is considered confidential information which the company may refuse to reveal. However, Alumina agreed to release portions of it which pertain directly only to the violations discovered five years ago. This erases any air of a rrogance on the part of the company and shows their willingness to cooperate and desire to avoid any sensationalized dispute. And this is a proper way to handle this kind of situations. Statements should reflect concern, a call to action, and a move toward resolution.Baker suggests provide as much information as possible. If your company has an interest in the situation, admit it. The public can be very pitying unless they perceive youre hiding something (id). Also, allowing only a partial release of the audit report kept the company from jeopardizing its business by keeping release of confidential information to a minimum. However, despite all the cooperation extended by the company, Kelly Bates still threatened to file her lawsuit. The company, seeking to avoid protracted litigation, want an alternative dispute resolution to settle the case.It sought a tercet party mediator to settle the dispute and it was a success. They saved bullion by eliminating litigation expenses. The companys settlement offer was in no way an admission of guilt. It was more of a money-saving device. The cost of the negotiate settlement is a fraction of what Alumina would have spent to hold up against Kelly Bates claims in court. Aluminas Values The primary value displayed by Alumina in cases of crises is its willingness to comply and cooperate and correct its errors, if any. It has a low-pitched approach towards dispute resolution.This value is shown by its immediate compliance with the Clean Water Act when it was audited five years ago. When Kelly Bates made an accusation, it made an independent site study of the lake. And this value was also shown when it was willing to allow a partial release of the audit report. The company never tried to shoot a public relations officer or an image consultant. It did not turn to public relations firms to clean up their reputation preferably than change environmentally damaging practices, as is the trend these days, even though the latt er strategy is more costly (Beder, 1997). This is a noble trait.

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