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Humans and Nature

How Religious Belief Connects with Humans And record Humans relationship towards disposition is complicated. Phyllis Trible, a well known scholar, mentions in her paper A Tempest in a Text ecologic Soundings in the have got of whammy that Theological style is ecological language (Trible 189). It suggests that widespread religion has a reflection on the relationship amidst clements belief and disposition. Besides, the two main characters, Arab and jinx, from the movie Moby Dick and the phantasmal book The book of curse, their different views of idol are shown in their setback actions towards spirit. ? In the movie Moby Dick, Ahab, the captain, is the emblem of the pioneers leading in the exploration of the majuscule personality. He challenges the mysterious nature fearlessly. Rather than petitioning to divinity for help when he encounters confronted and unexpected difficulties, he believes that he can overcome all those difficulties by himself and never ceases his expedition. In the movie, Pequod, the whaling ship, is caught in a terrible combat. The sails should be establish down for slowing ships speed in a storm. Starbuck, one of crew member, wants to furl a sail, but Ahab refuses.Ahab asks all of his sailors to work sails tightly. When Starbucks tries to furl down sails, Arab threats Starbuck to stop by using an arrow. Ahab steadfastly continues battling with the nature to the end until finally his ship survives in bad weather. Ahab called that Typhoons transparent stood toe to toe with it and punched forward till it hollared quits (Bradbury 158). Through the alone battle with the storm, Ahab even mocks at what he encounters. Oh, how the gods enjoy playing with us. Whats the point of the plot, I wonder?Sometimes Im on the very edge of knowing-and then they toss me back in the boxful (Bradbury 158). In Ahabs mind, he is fighting against God, and choosing to put his own go out above faith. Ahab believes himself above the natural w orld, and almost a god. This belief lends him magnate and majesty that make him battle with nature. In the movie, Ahabs persistence on chasing the white heavyweight makes him act like a hero, however, his vengeance of hulk also makes him overstep on the boundary of nature which leads him to the ending.To Captain Ahab, the hunt symbolizes the evil in the universe He is part of this wicked game that runs man from the cradle and bullies him into the grave, Moby Dick is evil ten times over, in a world where evil is common as sea-water (Bradbury 90). So it is Ahabs destiny to get rid of it. In the last part of scenes, Ahab has no chance of killing Moby Dick, yet he engages in his suicide political platform to stab at the whale To the last I grapple with thee from pits heart I stab at thee for hates sake I spit my last breath at thee, though damned whale Thus I ease off up my gig (BRADBURY 174). His plan to kill Moby Dick seals the tragic indispensableness for himself and the c rew of the Pequod. In the end the whale represents both noble peace and terrifying terminal. Besides, in the book, Ahab sees the graves of another(prenominal) sailors died in killing whales, and he gets predictions about his death from Fedallah. Those things not just happen accidentally to Ahab. In fact, its the fate already made by God try to stop Ahabs actions of killing the whale. The whale is the combination of contradictions, a symbol of the universes wide and arcanum of Gods boundless divine power, fate. ? God controls what we would consider fate in the mould of the fortune. In The Book of whammy, curse opposes to Gods entrust and flees away which results in a storm created by the God in his journey. Jonah gets on a ship to Tarshish, and he encounters the storm The manufacturer, however, hurled such baseless winds toward the sea that a powerful storm raged upon it the ship expected itself to passing play up (14). The storm is so powerful that all the sailors start to request to the God for help. and the Lord, God of Heaven, I worship-he who made the sea, and the dry land as well (110). Even though Jonah runs away from the Lord and has no thought for the spiritual condition of his shipmates his life still brought them closer to God. However, the storm just gets worse. Jonah tells sailors in order to worship God, they can relieve the sea by throwing him into the sea. If you lift me and cast me overboard, the sea will take root its fierce against you, for I personally acknowledge that this massive tempest raging against you is on my own account (112).Jonah has no doubt that his rebellion against God is the cause of the storm that threatened to sink the ship they are slide upon. Hence, humans fear of unexpected natural power and then pray to God for help. Contrary to how the white whale drives Ahab crazy which result in Ahabs death with the whale, the whale in The Book of Jonah changes Jonahs attitudes toward God and saves him from his sin. Go d does not put Jonah into death immediately, instead, he sends out a fish. The Lord directed a man-sized fish to swallow Jonah.Jonah remained in the tumesce of the fish three geezerhood and three nights (21). Jonah is helpless in the fishs belly and starts to repent and pray to God In my trouble, I appeal to the Lord he answers me as for me, voicing gratitude, I shall offer you sacrifices I shall satisfy all that I vow (2 10). By singing the thanksgiving song, Jonah starts to be thankful to God and he realizes that he is still connecting with God. God as a merciful and generous figure in The Book of Jonah, he saves Jonah from the fish. The Lord spoke to the fish and made it toot Jonah upon dry land (211). From an ecological point of view, Phyllis Trible clams in her book If the verb swallow suggest that fish is a hostile purlieu for Jonah, the verb vomitsuggests that the fish is a hostile surround for the fish In a bulimic exercise the animal of the sea rejects human forage (Trible 190). This ecological danger recalls Jonahs inner instincts to God insofar God brought up his life from the Pit, and to this God he rendered thanks (Trible 190).In other words, The whale as well as considered to be hostile environment, represents the nature power that given by God. It suggests that humans should always harbor their faith to the God, thus, God can rescue humans from the danger and yield their sins. When humans are building the relationship with nature, if they are going against nature they cannot get the results they want, instead, if they working along with nature which can actually leads to peace. In the movies, even if Ahab orders his crew to chase Moby Dick again and again, the white whale does not surrender but appears to counterattack.It attacks the boats, wrecks the whaling ship and brings much pain to human beings. Gods power and embodiment of justice are shown finished nature. God warns human beings that if they still destroy nature unshakably, they will be buried by divine nature eventually. It is difficult for human beings relying on our own insufficient power to win the battle between nature and them. In contrast, Jonah suppose to preach Gods will to Nineveh, however, he is from the country which is defeated by Nieveh, thus he is loth to deliver Gods message.God puts Jonah into hostile environment and wants Jonah to learn about gross profit through Jonahs repent. Jonah realizes his sin and start to believe God again which results in posterior God saves his life. His confession to God adequately proves that his humans tolerance has persuaded him to give up his enmity. Human beings can get along well with nature and they can keep a symmetrical relationship with nature. However, keeping the harmonious relationship must be based on human beingstolerance to nature.

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