Friday, April 26, 2019

Foodservice Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Foodservice Marketing - Assignment utilizationThey to a fault display their logo (the Golden Arches) that makes it easy for the customer to recognize the brand.At Olive Garden, they do their merchandising in a dissimilar way. They do not display their products at the website. Most of their displays atomic number 18 at the restaurants menus. One can also contact them to place an order which they deliver to their customers as per the order. It is the aforesaid(prenominal) case at Sizzler. Their foods and beverages are displayed at their menu. Another beau monde that merchandizes by displaying their products on the internet is coca plant cola company.Marketing involves influencing customers to buy your products. A successive selling technique should meet the customers expectations (Garlough, p. 33). McDonalds also has a marketing strategy that has helped it become a force that is difficult to beat in the market. It has a marketing mix that is attractive to many customers. Their p rices are ones that most customers are willing to pay. In addition, the company also makes numerous advertisements on TV and newspapers. It also identifies its hotels, which are visited, mostly and this assists it when developing its marketing strategies. They carry expose research so as to establish the correct marketing mix. Their service is quick and friendly overly (McDonalds Corporation, p. 2). The marketing strategies in other food service companies are not so different from that of McDonalds. For Sizzler, Olive Garden and Chilis, they all market their products through advertisement in the media and newspapers.Techniques used by companies are extremely influential in getting customers to buy the companys. In fact, in my perspective I purchased coffee from McDonalds due to the merchandising technique they use to market their products. Attractive displays by a company in their advertisement and merchandising techniques have the ability to attract customers. Restaurants such as Chilis and Sizzler do not have a marketing technique that is as strong as that of

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