Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Management information system Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Management development system - Case Study ExampleEach activity is interrelated and monitored accordingly. ERP takes a formal line approach. The approach is based on military control model that is tested and well defined. For example, there is already a well defined logistics management or supply chain management model. All the data is keep in a centralized database. All information relating to different activities of the organization are all stored at a single place and disregard be accessed when needed. Changing to ERP is expensive as the entire art process needs to be modified but proves to very beneficial once implemented. Benefits of implementing ERP The whole business process becomes very effective and efficient as a result of ERP implementation. As the different units same the development team, sales team, customer service, deliver team, all entrust be working i8n tandem and this will make the whole system more effective and also economical. Inventory can be managed be tter. The issue team will know at any time how many units are there and what is the ingest as it is all automated. There is better co-ordination between the various departments in the organization. Customer service can be improved manifold as the communication inside the organization will be prompt and also the lead time will be reduced.

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