Thursday, April 25, 2019

Portfolio Project Part 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Portfolio Project Part 5 - Essay ExampleNonetheless, the general requirements of this descent description include certification of an accountant by a tradeal accountant agency oddly after the person raising for the same has attained the basal college accounting and finance degree (Mason and Tarling, 2009). notwithstanding the underlying specifications and different requirements, on the whole accountants must be having fundamental principles including strong analytical and mathematics skills as well as vast accounting education. Hence, the first step to train an accountant is for them to attend basic college courses that provide them with basic accounting concepts. Accountants working for the small firms are usually responsible for keeping all books and financial records. Some of the records that are wangled in the small firms include counts payable, payroll information, retail sales, account receivables, and the participation investment information. This information is usual ly organized and kept in ledger form (Fulford, 2000). They must be updated so that they reflect the financial health of the organization at all times. ... ached training will athletic supporter the training accountant to understand and know importance of keeping company secrets especially financial secrets (Bragg and Roehl-Anderson, 2011). The training acquired in small firms will help the training accountant to improve in his accounting care skills and can apply the same in large firms as an accountant. The training accountant should know that there are slight differences in handling financial records of different firms, different in size. The accountants working in the large firms usually conduct internal audits to ascertain the accuracy of the companys financial records. Notably, the big firms usually have same degrees of biasness thus, the accountants who handle such company financial materials regularly never handle such company audits. In this case, the company usually or it is advisable for the company to contract an external accountant to audit such company material. This will reduce or eradicate the conflict of engross (Fulford, 2000). Therefore, with different financial needs of different companies, the training accountant will be trained in different firms to have knowledge on how to handle different firms depending on size and financial needs. early(a) than the general roles of accountants, accountants usually tend to specialize within particular palm. In other words, accounting profession is vast and needs specialization. An accountant may decide to specialize in line with book keeping, taxation, or auditing (ACCA, 2007). However, in most cases, some accountants usually venture in wide and different accounting fields in order to have vast and change skills in managing accounting problems such accountant with varied skills and knowledge to serve their clients successfully and satisfactorily in different

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