Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Need to Establish a Film Industry in Sierra Leone Term Paper

The Need to Establish a Film Industry in Sierra Le iodin - Term Paper ExampleFurther, schools and colleges were encouraged to join the fabrication through compensatets such as National Art Festivals. However, all these were dropped at some point. The pip has been pull along without proper regulation and no empowerment at all. Consequently, local Sierra Leoneans can promptly only produce poor quality movies which cannot make it to the international platforms. No wonder, only foreign films smack in Sierra Leone make it to the international level. However, it is worth noting that the spirit to revive the manufacture is alive. What needs to be done is to set up necessary mechanism such as film schools to empower the industry into producing quality products. Rationale For many in the West, Sierra Leone remains the land of blood diamonds and drugged-up child soldiers, even though the country has been at peace for almost a decade. The film Blood Diamond was the one that installed th e image for many overseas. At a time when Sierra Leone was desperately looking to rebrand itself, the film frighten off tourists and drove away investors. Now, we will aim to erase that image with the establishment of the new film school. The President of Sierra Leone stressed that the film industry will tell a new tarradiddle of peace, democracy, humanity, and determined to progress in many areas of human endeavors. Sierra Leones first ever film and acting school, IDF Film School, will be established by the Director of Institut de Francais, Ahmed K. Mansaray who also doubles as a movie executive producer and director.

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