Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Leadership - Essay ExampleThe supervisors action is a manifestation that he has the attributes of a good leader, including the ability to be firm and just in maintaining necessary order. Without a original toughness in this regard you will not win the respect of the group as a consentient (Xenophon, Athenian Soldier and Author, 431 350 BC). Further, the supervisors focus on the task at pay and directing the outride of his team to the comp permition of it, shows that he is competent, mindful and forward-looking, knowing that there are sculpture consequences on the team should the task be left undone.Had the supervisor been an incompetent leader, he would deal let Dan Porter go about the workplace and share to each and everyone there his news about winning the lottery. It is a natural reaction of ordinary people to want to hear about the news at first hand and to share in the excitement. Consequently, the rest of the team would have seen the supervisor in a different clear o ne that puts priority to other things not necessarily helpful to the achievement of the companys goals. The rest of the team would have begun questioning the supervisors competence, priorities, and focus. This eventually would have led to the loss of trustingness and respect on the supervisor by the team members, which would lead to inefficiency and mediocre performance by the whole team.In conclusion, effective leadership takes not only knowledge and competence, but also courage to cede importance above all else to the greater good. As Xenophon said, There is a small risk a leader will be regarded with contempt by those he leads if, whatever he may have to preach, he shows himself best able to

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