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Human Resources Function In Pizza Express Essay

IntroductionPizza crush stunned is a public limited ac guild (PLC), which was realised in 1965. It has 350 eating places in the UK and among twenty to thirty international franchises in countries corresponding France, Egypt, Spain and opening succinctly in the Philippines and it has likewise expanded by 40% in recent social classs. Its a restaurant in different countries, which provides food, and drink services to the customers. The guild has different range of employees, 39 in organic including cleaners, chefs, waiters and waitresses, supervisors and managers.Role of human resourcesThe organisation has two human resources namely the main HR known as the headquarters and the local HRs.The local HR bring ups the workers by advertising in the media after which they power train the selected sensations to really high standards so that they deliver high quality services to the customers. This creates a groovy repetition for the company so they receive much customers on that pointfore increasing profits too. Training the workers on how to put on the equipment in any case assistances the company in a way that they leave alone contract fewer or no cl drifts for damages in case of accidents. The local HRs also carry out transfers with different restaurants of the organisation, which helps them maintain the good workers.This eject also be a way of practising flexible running(a)(a) conditions for their staff. In case of any member of staff acting against the organisations rules, the local HRs have to airfield him/her so that they backside change and if they fail they lose the vocation. This helps the company dismiss bad members of staff who can cause trouble or even pass on their bad behaviours to late conjures. Lastly, the local HRs act as the voice for the workers i.e. they raise any problems that the workforce might be experiencing so that they can be solved. This creates a good relationship between the workers and the management, wh ich is a very important social occasion if they be to work as a team to deliver good services to the customers.The main HR i.e. the headquarters carries out the more complex tasks of the organisation. It reviews the work turnover and predicts what staff the company ordain have to recruit and during what judgment of conviction they will have to. It sets the compensation rates and increases in the organisation which is a very crucial thing when carrying out the companys bud brace because they wear upont deprivation to fee out much or less notwithstanding just the right amount to their staff.It also recruits its own staff and management and train them. It has to be very c arful when doing this because it has to makes to sure it models the right mountain who will be able to manage the local HRs or else there will be poor management which can lead to serious problems in organisations. Lastly, it makes the rules and procedures that have to be followed in the organisation. This is very important because it lets the workers know what they can do and can not when on the companys premises and also for any organisation to run properly and smoothly, there must be rules and regulations in place to be followed.E2Staff labour turnoverThe staff /labour turnover for the capital of Jamaica limb was not known because they had just opened but for the old branch, they had 50 state go forth with an idea of 25 staff which means the turnover was 200%. This is mainly because the workers tend to transfer with their managers when they change branches, which happened conk out year.From the research that I carried out, these were my ferret outingsKINGSTON LABOUR MARKET (2001-02)Aged 16 and overEconomically busyIn practiceAll1240008500081000Male630004800046000Female610003700034000WORKING AGE (16-59/64) 2001-2002 IN KINGSTON operative age (16-59/64)Economically activeIn employmentAll1020008300080000Male550004800046000Female480003600033000AGE breakdown (full and part- cl ock m employment) 2001-02AllFull-timePart-time16-19***20-24110008000*25-495300045000800050+14000100004000Source* Sample coat too small for reliable estimatePay and hours workedThe chefs in the new capital of Jamaica branch get a maximum of 8.50 an hour if they are of grade four and those on lower grades 1-4 get a maximum of 6. The waiters get 4.20 an hour with tips as well and cleaners get 5-6 an hour. They all get recur pay on bank holidays and they work a maximum of 48 hrs apart from part time workers who usually have 3-4 shifts a week with no set minimum hours of working.ProductivityThe argumentationes productivity depends on how many customers they get i.e. if they produce more if there are many customers to be served and they produce curt if there are hardly any customers to be served. Generally, they measure productivity by the average clock for do items. The more items they make, the more profits they get and the fewer items they make, the less profits they get.Fulltime/part time workingFor the contingent branch in Rotunda, there are three fulltime workers and twenty part time workers.Changes in working practicesThe company also tries to please its workers by changing their working practices. This is carried out by exchanging staff with other restaurants since its a big company. This helps them get experience in working in different areas and conditions, encouraging more advanced training so that they get promoted which again makes workers feel that their fret is existence appreciated by the management and lastly heavy(a) them flexible working hours so that they dont feel that they are being over worked or exploited.Company use of the schoolingThe company might have employ this development when planning its human resources in a way that when you hold back at the labour market, there are more people economically active and in this particular area there is relatively low unemployment. This means that they will find it difficult to recruit new staff and it can be very costly in a sense that to attract doable workers, they will have to advertise themselves more, they may have to pay more salary or clothe more in training. They may also have to design development programmes so that potential employees play there are promotion prospects in the organisation therefore making them feel wanting to assemble the company.By also looking at their labour turnover which is very high, they might want to pronounce and find out wherefore many people are leaving. This can help them find the reasons why the workers are leaving and find solutions to them which means they will keep their staff longer. Still looking at their own labour turnover, they can also find out the skill that people who are leaving had and recruit people with the same ones which decreases the budget of training.Since their work force is in the mid 20s and mostly part time, they can decide to recruit more people between the age of 25-4 9 because those between 20-24 working part time are very small size of the population.When planning its productivity, the company can decide to recruit more people and give them intensive training to become professionals which also increases efficiency.C1 compend of external labour marketTo interpret my labour market further, I compared it with that of Richmond, capital of the United Kingdom, & UK with also last years trends and these were the results.The working-age employment rate in capital of the United Kingdom, capital of Jamaica, Richmond & UK(March 2000-2001 and Feb 2001-2002)AreaPercentage of population2000-2001 2001-2002Richmond84.5%80.8%London70.2%70.4%Kingston76.4%78%UK74.1%74.4%From the results above, we decide that Richmond had the highest working age employment rate which was 80.8% followed by Kingston which was 78% thusly UK with 74.4% and lastly London which was 70.4%. Looking at the trends, we see that Richmonds working age employment has gone down by 3.7%, London s has only gone up by 0.2%, Kingstons has gone up by 1.6% and lastly UK as a livelong has just gone up by 0.3%. With this in pee-peeation, Pizza Express can decide to recruit workers from London since it has the least working age employment so they will find it easier to recruit people but and then it will have to increase spending on transport if the workers are not uncoerced to spend their own money and if they are willing to, Pizza Express will have to pay them high wages so that they can afford the costs. Advertising costs will also go up because they will have to advertise in the media other than on their windows because they are laborious to recruit people in a totally different area.Graph showing working age employment rate in London, Kingston, Richmond and UK (2001-02)Economic activity rate by sex (working age 16-59/64) in Kingston & Richmond(March 2000-2001 & February2001- 2002)Area% No. of males% No. of females2000-20012001-20022000-20012001-2002Richmond93.789.080.576. 5Kingston87.687.470.175.0From the information above we see that there were a higher number of males in economical activity in Richmond than Kingston with a battle of 1.6%. With the females, the number was still higher in Richmond than Kingston with a difference of 1.5%. Comparing the percentages with last eld, Kingston had a very little difference in 2000-2001 than in 2001-2002 of males in economical activity which was only 0.2%. For the females in Kingston, the percentage number went up from 70.1% in 2000-2001 to 75.0% in 2001-2002, a difference of 4.9%.The higher the economic activity rate, the better so when you look at the figures, Richmonds economic activity rate is high but it keeps going down within the two years so it can be risky wasting their money to advertise in the area go in Kingston, though the figures are low, they keep going up within the two years so it can be safer to carry out their advertising campaigns in the area if they are sure they will keep going up.Eco nomic activity rate of males in Richmond and Kingston (2001-02)Internal staffing informationFor the Kingston branch, the company had 20 staff and three of them working part time. Most of them are mainly in their mid 20s though they have no age restrictions at swiftness end of age band. Most of them are students or local people of the area they are fit(p) in.Since the company has just opened, it has recruited all its work force but in the future as the business expands, they may need more staff.Interpretation of labour market informationWhen we look at the labour market information, we see that Richmond is doing better than Kingston economically. at that place are more people working in Richmond which means that there are more excogitates than in Kingston. This might affect the company in a way that they will find it more favourable to recruit people from Kingston than in Richmond because the labour force will be relatively cheaper. They will also find it hard to recruit people f rom Richmond because most of them have got jobs and if any, they might want high wages because there is less competition. With the accompaniment that they are also located in Kingston, they may want to recruit the workers from there because costs such as transport and advertising will be low.E3Recruitment and fillingThe main documents used when recruiting staff are the staff application form which is used to get dilate of applicants like their address, date of birth e.t.c. Gathering this information is very crucial because the company can forever keep in touch with the applicants, know of any disabilities they have if any and also get information well-nigh their qualifications. The second document is the job advert. This is a promotional document of the company attracting the applicants to apply. It negotiation about the skills needed so the applicants can only apply if they got them therefore saving the company time in sorting out the people with the right skills. Its made up v ery carefully with pictures making it very appealing. Basically its a form of advertising job vacancies in the company in an balmy and attractive way.Lastly, the job description is also handed out to the applicants. This describes what they are expected to do if successful in getting the job. It shows what the job is about in more detail. First, it talks about the aim of the job then the workers responsibilities, what authority is to be held and lastly the standards of performance expected.Effectiveness of documents1. Job descriptionThe job description is effective in a way that its lay out is fair and easy to understand. On top is the pizza pie express logo and pictures to attract the reader. It clearly shows that the descriptions are for waiters/waitresses so they there is no chance of a worker in a different field mistaking it to be meant for them. It clearly outlines the aim of the job in relation to maintaining the companys standards. Second, it talks about the responsibilit ies that the worker has when doing the job. Too much text is used here but there seems to be only one strange word, Adherence. This means that language used is quite easy to understand for the reader. Next, it also talks about the responsibilities the applicant will have to carry out if successful and less text is used here so there is less difficulty in understanding the point they are trying to bring across. Lastly, it shows the standards of performance. All the major headings are written out in bold letters and also underlined to make them stand out.2. Application formThe application form is also a very circumstantial document. It has got a heading on top in bold letters to show what it is, with a pizza express logo which is also a way of promoting the company and showing its loyalty. Its designed in a simple way asking for relevant information from the applicants. It has got boxes in which they can fill in the information they are being asked. The company tries to avoid collect ing irrelevant information by giving them choices in near of the questions where they can only answer yes or no e.g. have you worked for Pizza Express before Yes ? No ?. It also helps the applicants understand the questions easily. Some questions require a lot of detail and the form provides enough space for the answers like in one question which asks if the applicant is disabled and if their answer is yes, it provides more space to give the details of their disability fully. Lastly, it is typed out on white paper with blue colourings well-nigh it to make it more attractive. Generally, no complex language has been used. Everything is simple and straight forward.3. Job advert interchangeable all the other documents, the job advert is also laid out in a simple way and easy to understand. It is explaining how it is like to work in pizza express by posing questions then giving all the possible answers which are of course attracting the reader to apply. It also talks about the roles and explaining some of the complex words like remuneration. The salaries of the assistant manager and restaurant manager are also shown. This is also done to attract people so that they apply. It has got pictures about a man who has been successful. This shows the chances of success that the applicants are likely to have if they apply. Lastly, it has got detailed information about how you can get in touch with them like telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.Stages in filling a vacancyFLOW CHARTThere are various stages involved in filling a vacancy. First, the job vacancy is identified and then a job description is written up. This is the document describing what the job is about and what it requires the psyche to do. A person specification is also written out describing what the qualities and qualifications the applicant should have then an appropriate advertising strong point is chosen e.g. newspaper e.t.c. The type of medium chosen depends on the size of the company, what type of job is being advertised or even the current financial status of the company. Next, you send out application forms to the people who have replied to the adverts so that they can fill them in after which they send them back and you short sway them to get the right ones.There are crucial things that should be considered when carrying out the short listing border like not discriminating people on grounds of their sex, race or ethnicity. After short listing them out, you arrange interviews for the selected ones where you set the date and time to meet. This can give the interviewer time to make up the questions to be asked and the common ones are normally about the candidates work experience history, why they have use for the job, what makes them think they will be good at, how they will travel everyday if successful e.t.c.This is a good process because you get to see and speak to the candidates and evaluate how they express themselves, test their communication skills, check how they ge t on with other people and also check their behaviour i.e. if they are polite e.t.c. you might want to carry out other assessments like work sampling or testing then job offer references are made up.Copies of acceptance and turn downs are sent out to the applicants and the successful ones are given a contract and after their induction they start their job with some training. This is the form of help given to them to get used to the work place and equipment they have to use, know better how the job is carried out in the company and also get used to the old staff. This helps them develop more understanding of the companys cultures working practices which leads them to becoming professional staff and if very hard working, they can end up getting promotions.ConclusionBased on my findings, I conclude that pizza express is doing well with the fact its expanding in other countries which means that it has a big market, a very crucial part in business developments.

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