Saturday, May 11, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 12

merchandise - Essay ExampleWe have athletic tog for basketball, running and tennis, among others. There are athletic shoes that can also double as casual shoes and these are what we popularly call trainers and sneakers.Nike, Adidas and Reebok reign the athletic shoe market and the competition is fierce because there is a large market for it. The novel people/the college student culture is our target consumers due to their active and upwardly mobile lifestyle.The actual get plow of our target market could be categorized into two traditional and online purchasing. Traditional purchasing process is when the consumer buys from a store while online purchasing is when the consumer orders the product using the internet. Online purchasing is the more interesting of the two. Today, the college-students subculture is popularly known as the MySpace generation. This tag is after a hugely popular social networking website called It came to be same to our target market because it represents how the web figures in young peoples lives especially socially and as a consumer. BusinessWeek reported that our market live online, buy online and play online.To penetrate the market and acquire a significant share of mind, we should tap the endorsement of popular icons among the college-students. It would not hurt if we follow the lead of Nike when they hired Michael Jordan to endorse their shoes. There was a quantified improvement on the Adidas sale when trendsetters like Claudia Schiffer and Madonna started sporting their products. (Wallace)The outline of launching a comprehensive sponsorship of sporting events not just professional but on American collegiate level must also be seriously considered. There is nothing more utile than touching base with our market leaving us with the message that we are real and giving them hazard to gauge our products strengths.Finally,

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