Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Music Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Music Report - Essay ExampleShe did a solo piece on her fiddle which she has been playing for the last three years. Being a student of Dr Rife, and considering that her instructor was present, she had to give a entire account of herself. She started taboo on a pianissimo and the audience held their breath. The performance was quite amazing and by the time she hit the crescendo, the hall was in uproar. She played out the long notes beautifully. However, the student encountered one paradox nervousness. Maybe it was the presence of her instructor, Dr Rife, or the overwhelming audience. The burden of expectation clearly weighed down on her. Nevertheless, she was sufficient to gather courage and improved her performance as the evening wore on.Then came Dr Rife and the Rhythm Kings Band. The peal brought together great talents, including Dan Tobias on the trumpet, Pete Reichlin on the trombone, Pat Mercuri on the banjo and guitar and Lenny Pucciatti who was working the drums. Dr Jerry Rife played the clarinet. The assorted instruments combined powerfully to get the audience on their feet. The accompaniments balanced well with the vocals, especially in the rings rendition of the spiritual, Down by the Riverside. The performance of the spiritual resonated well with the audience although the band gave it a feeling of jazz. This was something new, listening to hymn played in the jazz style. I loved this version of the hymn as it injected freshness into an otherwise drab song.The performance had its downside nonetheless. There were moments when the percussions were louder than the vocals. Consequently, it was not easy to make out the lyrics of the songs. There were also moments when the crescendos were so high that they were almost deafening. I generally dislike high notes as they interfere with my brain. I also dislike accompaniments that shroud vocals. I prefer music that is cool rich to allow even a conversation to take place.The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances. They

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