Friday, May 31, 2019

Identify the constituent parts of a total computer system :: Computer Science

Identify the constituent parts of a total figurer system=========================================================Hardware - input and siding unitsBackup storage rudimentary processing unitSoftware - applications packageOperating systemThe main function of a computer system is to process data. When datahas been processed and output it becomes information. The main stagesof this procedure are1. The Input Stage - where data is put into the computer.2. The Processing Stage - where the data is processed.3. The Output Stage - where the results are displayed.A computer also needs to store data for later use. This is doneon a backing storage device.Hardware - input and output unitsINPUT DEVICESBarcode contributorA barcodeBarcodes are different groups of vertical bars that can beread by an optical scanner. Barcodes are printed on nearly every crossroad that you can buy. Shops use barcodes because they are cheap toproduce and very durable.Concept keyboardA concept keyboard is a flat board t hat contains a grid of buttons. individually button can be programmed to follow instructions. An overlay sheetis placed on the grid with an explanation for each button. They areused in primary(a) schools with young children. Many modern fast foodrestaurants have overlays with either a description or picture of themeals that are available to make order of magnitude easier.Digital cameraA digital camera allows you to take pictures and to store a digitalphotographic image that can be read by a computer. You can thentransfer the images directly from your camera on to your computer.Digital cameras are often used by estate agents for producingadvertising and gross revenue material.Graphics tabletA graphics tabletA graphics tablet consists of a flat pad (the tablet)on which the exploiter draws with a special pen. As the user draws on thepad the image is created on the screen. Using a graphics tablet adesigner can produce very accurate on-screen drawings.MICR (charismatic sign Character Reader)Magnetic ink characters are the strange looking numbers that appear atthe bottom of check-out procedures. These characters are used because they are very effortful to forge or damage. Banks use MICR to read the numbers fromthe bottom of cheques to obtain data such as account numbers and banksort codes.Magnetic stripA magnetic strip on a credit cardMagnetic strips are built into manyplastic cards such as cheque guarantee cards, cash-point cards andpersonal identity cards. The magnetic strip on the back of the cardcan hold the personal details of the card owner and, with thenecessary PIN, will allow access to secure information e.g. bankaccount details.MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)A MIDI system allows you to get hold of a musical instrument to your

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