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Individual learning journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Individual learning journal - Essay modelHassan al- Hakim (2011) has defined a basic rule for the success of image that proper integration of organizational knowledge and innovation are required for success. Management of innovations and knowledge is becoming an important concern for distinct companies that are engaged in to the same business also how the innovation process can be affected by different factors in order to increase success and decrease failure of organizational process. One of the companies selected by our group for studies was Samsung Corporation. I and my two group members worked for Samsung Corp. Samsung Corp had developed a crocked emphasize on knowledge management. It also made utmost possibilities to encourage knowledge and sharing of knowledge. any over the Corporation there is a try to organize brainstorming sessions . Feedback system is developed to wreak customers opinion and altogether of this information is stored in data base accessed by professio nals of Samsung either over the company and all over the world. Samsung gives a heterogeneous approach to knowledge management. ... apple is a well known company known for the development of efficient, secured and speedy operating systems. For Apple it is believed that serve provided by the company are always different from the production and manufacturing of products that a company is making. Now days services and production are in parallel to each other and they cannot be differentiated as when a customer selects a brand he or she requires complete satisfaction from product and services offered by the company. App store is an activity well planned by Apple to gather the information more or less its clients. Customers register their data on the website of Apple every time a product of apple is purchased. This application also helps the Apple to record data concerning their products and also which product is of great interest in public. alike helps apple to have considerable feedback and future needs of the products that company needs to be focused on. This all exercise is also improving knowledge management of the company. The aim of Apple was to capture and cover all the innovations that are evolving in the industry. Companies catch up with very fast which demanded a great innovation from Apple in their products. An example of such a case Apple launched I phone 5s and it was replaced containing a sensitive innovation that is finger print reorganization. Apple uses incremental innovation approach in such a way that initial product of the company is not changed yet it is improved and becomes more exciting for the customers. Samsung dual-lane greater information regarding their methods of knowledge management on the other hand Apple management was speechless while providing information regarding their methods of knowledge management. Both Samsung and Apple have great success

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