Tuesday, May 7, 2019

E business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

E communication channel - Essay ExampleEsure was launched in 2000 walking insurance top using the internet as the old sales channel. Using technologically advanced systems they became the fastest growing insurers ever. They are k right awayn for their quality cover, their online run and their innovative trade. They aimed to harness the efficiency of the internet to give a better deal to responsible drivers and the metrical home owners. They clubbed together several factors and ensured that esure was exceptionally well placed to harness the benefit of the internet as the major distribution channel for insurance (BBC News, 2000). These factors included the strength of the Hallifax brand, the vast potential of the internet, and the founders experience of launching mould breaking companies offering best prices and best services to the customers. They were confident that e-commerce would alter the insurance sector and they wanted to be at the heart of the revolution with esure.Esu re uses the internet and the phone as the channels and they kept the premia low. They then launched the Sheilas Wheels brand in 2005 initially offering only car insurance. Sheilas Wheels is now one of the most recognized female insurance brands in the UK. Today they offer insurance cover for anything that a person could think of home, vehicles such as car, motorbikes and vans, pet insurance, and not to forget travel insurance. They offer online quotes, they accept online payments and they excessively allow online renewal of insurance. They keep the customers updated on insurance news through their website. They also have abundance of guidance provided to the insurance buyers so that they can take an informed decision. They offer peculiar(prenominal) rats for those who opt for more than one insurance cover.Esure, a part of the HBOS, adopted a slick marketing campaign, a brand awareness that soon became the envy of many and a service that delivered what they promised (Net

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