Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dissertation, Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Dissertation

, Journalism, Mass Media and Communication - Dissertation ExampleThis essay declares that MOOCs analyze their history back from 1969 when the aspect of open distance learning cropped up. The courses were offered via television microwave integrated channels. Students who had access to these channels watched lecturers on their TVs at off the campus sites. The courses evolved with the engineering science of streaming content from the internet and the use of electronic submission of assignments. Additionally, the lecturers used the same technique to distribute the learning materials for the enrolled students. The same system is the equivalent to the directlys MOOCs with the cost being the only differentiator. Stanfords MOOCs technology offers same services to the off-campus students same as the on-campus ones. They receive similar credits up on passing. Early last decade, Stanford University implemented the SEE initiative that entailed offering of engineering and other six Cs online c ourses free up on logging on to the campus website. Such an idea offered lecturer notes and assignments through video technique.This paper makes a conclusion that the Stanfords MOOCs attracted hundreds of students as it integrated courses with resourceful databases, artificial intelligence and forge learning as compared to the Yale and Harvard styles. With the evolution of the Harvard platform offering similar courses, Stanford implemented the Class2Go and the Venture Lab platforms as the counteracting and competitive online platforms for its students.

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