Saturday, June 15, 2019

White lies and integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

White lies and integrity - Essay ExampleIn the political arena, it is particularly unacceptable for elected officials to hide facts from the batch as they would prevent them from making informed decisions on public affairs and policy.In the soulfulnessal sphere, some people may find uncontaminating lies more than justifiable. A common utilisation is a loving family member who attempts to hide the negative prognosis of her dying relatives, fearing that the bad news will further infuriate the relatives health. Although such a lie may sound more like an act of love, it remains a violation to another persons autonomy as it takes away her chance to evaluate the decision and make the best decision for herself. Every person has the natural right to emancipation and each rational human being should be the most capable person to determine what his/her best interest is. Thus, not only are white lies dishonest and lack integrity, they may be self-defeating in the sense that they may at th e end harm instead of protect the person. Returning to the example of the dying relative if the relative has known that she is dying soon, she would have ended the hospital treatment and spend the remaining of her life relaxing at seat however, since she does not know the true prognosis, she continues the hassle of going to the hospital every day. In this case, her health may be harmed by the white lie. She would be offend off if her relative tells her the truth and allow her to decide for herself.Projecting this line of argument to the bigger picture, we as Americans may be hurt by the so-called white lies government officials present to us. This issue is especially controversial as the concern towards national security and international terrorism is severely heightened. After the 911 attack, it appears that the shrub Administration was allowed to conduct every operation in the war of terrorism under the name of homeland

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