Monday, June 10, 2019

Theodore Roosevelt and his contribution to America Research Paper

Theodore Roosevelt and his contri only ifion to America - Research Paper ExampleHe apply these enhancements to make serious and positive changes to the US. He focused upon some of the most important questions concerning the power of the government and the individuals within a nation.BodyUS was experiencing cogent amount of economic growth and was being regarded as the wealthiest nation when Roosevelt replaced McKinley as president. US were leading throughout the world in the production of iron, coal make and timber when Roosevelt came into action. During that era US even experienced growth in the rate of population and exports. The growth experienced by US was beneficial that equally disastrous as this growth brought poverty, increase in child labor, unpleasant working conditions and unequal distribution of wealth. Roosevelt was of the opinion that government should intervene and strangle the freedom enjoyed by private enterprises. Due to this he started regulating private busin esses by making several changes to the laws and constitution, some of these changes in laws includes the drug act, laws regarding the safety and supervision of working conditions in industries and the Pure Food Act (DSilva 262). Although these changes were non appreciated by the business community during that time period but today the immensity of these changes are recognized by the citizens of US. Roosevelt was clearly of the opinion that one aspect of the society that should be directed and supervised by the government was the economy of a country. The laws and regulations added to the constitution by the president have aided the society in bringing Private Corporations much(prenominal) as Enron and Microsoft to justice. During the period of 1912, he tried for the tercet term as president under the Progressive Political party, during this session he coined and promoted some of the various changes to constitution that were later enacted under president Franklin, these changes include the stock market regulation, minimum wage clause and the Social security clause. Roosevelt played the role of an activist not only in America but throughout the world as he promoted the role of the United States as world power. During the period of 1898 US was at war with the Spanish nations and soon conquered them, afterwards the war US became responsible for supervising territories such as Cuba and Puerto Rico (OToole 300). President Roosevelt was a part of the war as an American solider and later he supported and made the American citizens realize that US was a global power. He was even a promoter of democracy as he promoted the marshal Plan which was enacted after his death. The legacies of the president were a gift to the world and to the future of US, he was in love with the natural beauty, he liked to experience adventures such as hiking and climbing and he was the first president of US to make the issues experienced by environment as a issue to be countered by the g overnment. He was persuaded by the Sierra Club and the chief of the US forests to take the issue of protecting the environment to the federal level as the issue could not be countered on the state level (OToole 240). His love for preserving the environment and his love for nature made him create policies in order o protect the

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