Wednesday, June 19, 2019

High-tech tools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

High-tech tools - Essay ExampleThe uses of high tech tools feed changed such situations. On the other hand, these high applied science tools have created various presentations that have disallow impacts on teens. For a long time, the use of high engineering science tools have created a controversy since many people hope that high tech tools are beneficial to human beings while other people believe that they have some(prenominal) negative impacts. Therefore, this paper shall seek to explain some of the negative impacts brought about by high engineering science tools. It will also explore how these negative effects brook be minimized. Naturally there are some people who not believe that high technology tools have negative impacts on teens. This is attributed to the fact that high technological tools have made life easier, as well as improved the lives of human beings. For instance, it has improved the manner in which people communicate with one another. From quick phones to s ocial media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have improved the interaction and communication between people. Additionally, an individual can book for accommodation in a hotel without necessarily going there. All these are ascribed to high technology tools. ... While discussing the negative effects of high technology tools on the teens, we will begin with issues that are related to the use of mobile phones. The rate at which young people have adopted the use of mobile phones in various parts of the world is extremely impressive. However, the uses of mobile phones have been realized to cause certain issues of concern. For instance, some people hide behind this technology to save themselves from emotionally stressing actions such as ending relationships (Campbell 2). Sociologists have argued that teens prefer to send text messages, instead of making calls when talking about awkward or emotionally stressing situations that can impact on their capacity to interact amongst themselves. B ullying is one of the negative impacts of using mobile phones, especially cyber bullying. The teens create these phenomena by texting when they cannot transport the same sentiments face-to-face (Campbell 4). These will in the end lead to increased anxiety, depression, psychosomatic symptoms, worst still even suicide. The consequence of this issue is yet to be investigated but it is said that cyber bullying has a great impact compared to face-to-face bullying. When the abuse is done verbally, the victim might not be in a position to remember the exact words used, but when text messages are sent to the victim they have a collection of the abuses and can read them several times. These could turn to be more concrete and seem real compared to the spoken words. Mobile phone use has also been found to be problematic in schools. One main trouble caused by use of mobile phones in schools revolves around the way students use them to rely on their parents when solving

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