Wednesday, June 12, 2019

You will research and prepare a persuasive speech that is organized Essay

You allow for research and prepare a persuasive speech that is organized according to Monroes Motivated order - Essay ExampleDo you think it is worth it to add more financial stress and strain to students in terms of public parking fees? This is the promontory I pose to you today. In my opinion, I think that it is not worth it and that is why I am proposing and appealing to the relevant authorities to reconsider and decree legislation that would protect our students from this unnecessary financial obligation of paying for public parking.It is true that our learning institutions cannot provide enough parking spaces for staff, visitors and students thus forcing students to seek for pick parking of which they have to pay for. It is also a fact that most of our students, be it high school students, college students, or research students have very umteen other essential financial obligations just as I had earlier mentioned. These are genuine reasons that warrant the state and respo nsible for(p) authorities to act expeditiously into enacting a law that would see to it that students do not pay for parking in public spaces.Obviously, there are different schools of thought that would argue that business organisation will be affected, or all public places would be taken up by students for free parking, and/or there are people who whitethorn pretend to be students just to benefit from this initiative. Other would argue that the free parking for student would result in high costs for authorities responsible for those parking spaces in terms of congestion (Shoup 12). I want to state categorically that my proposal puts such fears into consideration and that the legislation I am proposing will ensure that strictly students benefit from it. In addition, the number of students who have cars is not that big and thus will not take up all in stock(predicate) public parking spaces.Therefore, offer your support for this noble goal that is aimed at benefitting our students, the leaders of tomorrow through reducing the stress they encounter as a result of unnecessary financial obligations such as paying for parking

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