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Resolving Problems with a Local Area Network

Resolving Problems with a Local Area engagementNetwork user line of worksExplain divers(prenominal) bothers that a user of a local anaesthetic anesthetic landing field meshwork may faces maculation accessing the network.Poor or bad railway line take Poor or bad cable television issue is riddle of a local area network which faces by user while accessing the network. In this problem, if the guest figurer is capable forconnect to the network, the instruction execution might be reducing. E actuallyone could non be able to attach to the computer. Moreover, the current Gigabit network to the desktop is general, so that is why Gigabit category 5 completelyow for not work for less than concert and four pairs of cable as well.Cant get an IP address The contour line is disconnected or ineffective. The operating governing body that tush alert an address of the DHCP server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) has not received. Furthermore, afterwards verifying the status of the system adapter can be configured to it. DHCP server could be out and server service will be interrupted as well. In addition, the ruse never reached the server for the first fourth dimension.Printing problem issue Printing problem is also of user area network which faces by user while accessing the network. Printing does not constantly work on network. To determine if a user is experiencing this problem, many people have the same problem. Moreover, only one problem, so it may be that the computer is not properly mapped to the printer server. If it does not cause the network between the client and the printer can be accountable for it. will a scenario as an congressman to explain a user having difficulties accessing the network.I am going to explain the scenario of a company difficulties which faced by user. AWI is a company and which company have so many computers. There is some(prenominal) problem like poor or bad cable produce problem, can gets IP addresses. After that , user did rise the issues and solve it with the help of internet.Identify and describe the potential solution to any 2 two of the problems mentioned above. resolve of Poor or bad cable First of all, user should check cable, after that if any cable issue. Then user should mixed bag the cable. The cable has hold up untwisted re-terminating the cable may resolve the errors. While following new advancements like authority over Ethernet and Gigabit. The category 5 should be improved.Printing problem issue In the beginning. Verify the configuration of printer, ensure it has a good IP address and can access the printer server as well. by from this, the print driver has settled printed problems.Create a form to document the problems and their solutions in knowledge base. Knowledge Base-Form shout of the CompanyAWIClients NameRajwinder KaurDate and Time09/02/2017 -12.00pmProblem DetailIn this company, user faced local area networking problem while accessing the network. This is poor or bad cable. In this problem, if client computer is capable for connecting to the network, then performance can reduce. Gigabit cat5 will not work for four pairs of cable.Name of the Technician Lakhwinder KaurDate and Time10/02/2017- 12.00pmService Hours 30 minutesProposed SolutionFirst of all, user should check the cable and find out the errors. Then, if problem in cable so, change the cable.ResourceInternet, Crimping Tools, CableCosts$20Procedure Personal First of all, I did find the problem andThen, got the reading from internet, How we can solve the problem. Finally, Idid solve my problem.Company ContactAddressAWI International Education GroupInformationPhone02232078935 WebsiteemailprotectedFileserver problems (Application server)Explain different problems associated with setting up a commove server. overweight record book mishap A heavily disk failure issue of fileserver.A hard disk failure problem chance while a disk drive malfunction and accumulated the information and that cant be accessed correctly configuration to computer. Moreover, Due to this problem, heats up the desktop and laptop when starts. Due to inadequate or defective fan ventilation of the CPU, hardware equipments damage.Slow reanimate In file server issues second point is subdued speed. In slow speed issue when server is not working properly then, mainframe takes too much time for downloading the files and so on. Moreover, sometime this issue occur when we keep extra data in computer.Security Issues -In security issue, server folder security used for the client to offer the access to the file in the group. Moreover, on the file Server if the safe information is passed on the server and then user should look after the data on the server.Provide a scenario as an example to explain problems related with file or application server.Spark is a company in Auckland (New Zealand). This company have a good deal of computers. Users faced so many problems like hard disk failure, security i ssues and slow speed as well. Find the issue with the help of internet and then, installed antivirus computer software and got information how can fix it. Finally, I resolved the problem.Identify and describe the potential solution to any two of the problems mentioned above.Solution of Hard disk failure issue Firstly, system should be shut down properly. It also is stay away from the installing supposed software. Hard disk ought to be clean commonly. social organisation do update time to time. Moreover, should swap the HDD after three to four year.Solution of security issues -There are so many good antivirus course of studys for the solution of securityissue. update the antivirus software version to secure the computer system for malware and provide security providers on the internet against viruses, Trojans etc.Create a form to document the problems and their solutions in knowledge base. Knowledge Base-FormName of the CompanySpark.comClients NameChrisDate and Time10/02/2017- 12 .30pmProblem DetailHard disk failure issue of file server. This problem happen whiles a disk drive malfunction and accumulated the information and it cant be configuration to computer properly.Name of the Technician TiagoDate and Time10/02/2017- 12.30pmService Hours 25 minutesProposed SolutionIn beginning, I got information from internet how we can find this problem and fix it I did start find the problem. Then, installed the software for remove the problem. Structure should update time to time.ResourceLaptop, Internet,Costs$20Procedure Personal Computer, Internet, Antivirus softwareCompany ContactAddress123Welson Street, AucklandInformationPhone0224356737WebsiteemailprotectedPerformance issuesExplain different issues related to network performance.Hard drive usage Hard drive usage is first and the foremost issue of network performance. Mostly information exchange starts and finishes with a hard drive.Specifically, if at least two projects movement to get to the hard drive in the meantime, information throughput will drop exponentially. Moreover, it is commonly the slowest part inside the machine.CPU usage CPU mustiness be shared by grater part of the product mental testingning on a framework. Framework with different CPUs is not quicker than those of single CPU. In certify day working frameworks, there are regularly twenty to sixty projects hurry when the client is not doing anything. Window is here and then slower on different CPU.RAM -In spite of the fact that system information exchange does not ordinarily include much direct holding utilization.Moreover, user computer accidently start again as user in the central of something. The folder structure of hard drive might be gradually deteriorated and user will not longer be able to boot user machine.Provide a scenario as an example to explain performance problem related to a local area network.Identify and describe the potential solution to any two of the problems mentioned above.Solution of CPU usage problem In addition, user should update to your computer. Some programs are doing slow your computer, so that is why should remove that programs. As well should keep antivirus in your computer for remove the virus. Ought to be changing the power settings that will help in growing the processor capacity.Solution of RAM problem First of all, user should test the memory modules and should check which module is not working. After that, also ought to be checking the memory slots. If any problem in memory slot so user could restore the motherboard. After change the memory slot module the lined up should be correctly on the bottom.Create a form to document the problems and their solutions in knowledge base. Knowledge Base-FormName of the CompanyVTNZClients NameAnil VermaDate and Time10/02/2017-1.00pmProblem DetailRAM problem is related to network performance. Due to this issue, user computer start again and folder structure of hard drive might be gradually deteriorated.Name of the Technic ian Lakhwinder KaurDate and Time10/02/2017 1.00pmService Hours 20 minutesProposed SolutionFirstly, did check the memory modules which module is not working.Then, find the problem in memory slot and finally change the motherboard and solve it.ResourceLaptop, Internet, Motherboard, antivirusCosts$50Procedure Personal In addition, I find the problem of RAM. Then , Search on internet how we can fix it.Company ContactAddress20 Queen Street, AucklandInformationPhone0221451737Websiteemailprotected TASK 2 Monitor and maintain the performance of a local area network2.1 Identify and list any 5 network monitoring tools. Also describe the features of those tools which deal with the performance issues of a local area network.Monitoring tools and featuresTotal network monitor -This thingmabob is the non-stoppable host, monitors network services. They also informed us that all issues need attention. Apart from this, this trouble is given a full report. The device is fixed to troubles successfull y or negative consequence or still employ the color code was imperfect.Nagios -A flawless network to run all applications and all services must be up and running on the network at all times. An application, services, helps administrators to maintain critical systems at all times. Furthermore, to keep all this time is going to be good and also we need special control equipment i.e Nagois. This application is the core monitoring engine acts as a heart.The dude -This dude monitoring tool is responsive device. Everyone can create automatic analysis for the device. Apart from this, it detects the trouble and alerts you while monitoring devices.Microsoft network monitor Microsoft network monitor is local area network monitoring tool. This tool monitors the performance issues of a LAN network. Moreover, the operation control, to analyze and to capture the prey of traffic in the network allows to administrator. Mostly a device that network administrators must find easy to control. This d evice is helpful for troubleshoot the networks problems and applications as well.Advanced IP scanner In advanced IP scanner monitoring tool perfectly an administrator in a local area network, like network, wireless, routers devices for example mobile phones must be monitored. Moreover, this monitoring tool to share databases on a remote machine if HTTP and FTP has been able to connect as it helps us. This device allows starting the computer and shutting down the remote computer as well.2.2 Install any available network monitoring tool on a computer having Windows Server 2008 and monitor the bandwidth usage over a period of at least 5 minutes.Figure1. It shows the dashboard IP addressed by bytes.Figure2. This escort represents the summary of capsa.2.3 Analyze the information showed in the bandwidth monitoring graph to explain if the usage of network is reaching to its limits.First of all, I did install the capsa software. This software examines jibe the Internet protocol address. T his represents the traffic buffet information. Moreover, this software gives information of summary and shows bytes, packets and bps so on.2.4 Explain different technique for preventing performance problems to occur in a local area network.There are so many different techniques for preventing performance of a local area network.First, incline the number and speed of hard disk. Second,for load the balance of server should be added new servers and network functions. Increase to server memory is very vital for preventing the performance of a local area network.Also, should be setting of operating system. One thing is more user should files moves from the server to the client PC. TASK 33.1 Identify and explain different security exposures and violations concerned with the security of a local area network.Probes Probes confirm for protected servers or services so as to might be successively on computer on user LAN. These tests are generally completed through programs that get a collecti on of IP addresses selected by the individual running the program. Moreover, there are some common services like mail, web and so on. Apart from this, when set up of other services then program try to observe. Furthermore, if it know how to login or else get access to that service. Probes are not to run some servers which you cannot recognized.Worms A worm is a separate malware computer program. It is very harmful for network. Worm replicates itself to spread one system to another system. It does not require human intervention to spread. It makes unusual to storage devices.Virus Viruses are normally not security threat in a local area network to PCs. Virus can create lots of troubles. Moreover, it can be change the implementation of processor. It can transmit the virus one computer to another computer as well. Furthermore, virus can do loss the data.Due to the virus processor working slowly.Trojan Horses Trojan horse is any malicious computer program which is used for hack into a co mputer through misleading client of its correct intention. This threat attackers use for private information like as banking information, passwords and personal identity as well. Moreover, this threat use for spreading malware across the network.Also, it can be corrupt the data and deletion to files.3.2 Determine the possible solutions to these exposure and violations by giving at least 1 example each form an industrial perspective.Solution of Virus Malicious software is very helpful for removing the virus, because without malicious software is very to remove the virus. Apart from this, there are some removal tools as well. User should install antivirus software for removing the virus. As well, user ought to be keep antivirus application for updating the computer.Solution of Trojan Horses- Firewall software could frame up invisible to user PCs.Firewall software too advise to user while programs on user PCs try to the attached with internet without significance. It will give inform ation if user gets some virus.User should remove problems which are affected by Trojan horses threat.TASK 44.1 The sender in a LAN send 10110110 a hacker alter the data and the receiver receive 10100110. As a network expert analysis to find out the position of error bit.P1P21P4011P80110123456789101112P1 = 10101 Odd P1=1P2 = 11111 Odd P2=1P4 = 0110 Even P4=0P8 = 0110 Even P8=0Transmitting data111001100110123456789101112Hacker attack the receiver data111001000110123456789101112P1= 1 1 0 0 0 1 OddP2=1 1 1 0 1 1 OddP4=0 0 1 0 0 OddP8=0 0 1 1 0 EvenAdd parity bit P1+P2+P4+P8= P7So, P7 position is wrong.4.2 Analysis a 10 bit sequence 1010011110 and a divisor of 1011 for error checking using CRC. Data 1010011110Divisor1011100100011110100111100001011000101110110110010110111010110101010110001 100100011110100111100011011000101110110110010110111010110101110

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