Monday, March 25, 2019

Assault on the Courts :: essays research papers

desecrate on the CourtsFighting has become a habitual event seen in professional basketball. There has been a consistent decline in professionalism and moral philosophy predominately in young athletes. Before the Ron Artest event, most players were idolized as gods and portray as todays heroes. However, a shocking phenomenon has risen as newer and younger athletes shake up entered the new NBA. Professionalism, ethical motive, and integrity have taken a binding seat to greed and selfishness. On November 1st, 2004, during the Pacers vs. Pistons game, the game of basketball changed forever. A drunken fan in the stands launched a beer at Indiana Pacer, Ron Artest. 67 Ron Artest rushed the stands, brutally beating an innocent bystander. Around the kindred time as the Ron Artest ordeal, there began a slew of unacceptable occurrences of fight and foul play amongst basketball players. The reasons for these changes in behavior seem to have intricate and distinct underlying reasons. Th ese behaviors compromise the attitude our country is built on. The behavior of todays athlete is a direct expression on the attitude of todays youth. The total disregard for chest of drawers is becoming the norm. Respect for teachers in all levels of education is at an all-time low.One of the most significant reasons for this occurrence is due to the fact that players ar celebrities and feel invincible they assume that they will be able to lam punishment proposed by courts and coaches. How have players attitudes changed so drastically? The basketball players, who set somewhat it into the NBA, have been pampered for the majority of their career going all the way back to high school. Coaches have given them special treatment, because they have more endowment fund and enable the coaches to win games. College coaches often provide these favored players with just about anything that they wish. Egos are constantly stroked at the college level to try and convince these players to bind in school. Why? Because money is the bottom line and these players bring in the mighty dollar. There is extreme thrust from the alumni who donate millions of dollars a division to big time universities to win. Presidents of these universities then apply pressure to athletic directors to study coaches that win. The compensation for these college coaches has risen substantially in the past few years. This increases the pressure on coaches to win and win now, thus more coaches are sacrificing morals and education to accommodate the player that helps them succeed, at any cost necessary.

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