Sunday, March 10, 2019

Contingency Theory of Leadership †Essay Essay

comment of work environment My work environment would consist of functioning four-year-old children who atomic number 18 not privileged and developing them to become successful. In indisputable areas of the country thither are teens that dont k regenerate off what it feels the likes of to work on a computer or how to apply for a job or know how to fill out an application for college. My polish is to take them under my wing and develop to each one and every(prenominal) wizard of them. I entrust stand a computer lab bent grass up with about 10 computers, most likely MACs and use up a mini class session with them after their normal school hours. The initiative year pull up stakes be geared towards juniors and seniors, then Ill savor to expand to freshman on up.In the table below, categorize dissimilar leadership get alonges that could be used in the work environment you have described. Provide different suggestions for each of the four approaches to leadership.Direct ive approach verificatory approachFor the first year it volition be myself and another aid. and so after depending upon how fast this project grows there forgeting be more than teachers aides and high gearly trained professionals working with each school-age child individually. in that respect testament be schedules posted but most of the time we will brook at least 2-3 times a week. Each somebody will be responsible for their success, I will give each person the tools they need to apply back into high school. erst they meet certain checkpoints in school they will get rewarded. With the teachers and aids that will be present they will get paid by the hour. They have the responsibility of following up on each childs performance in school and making sure enough that they document appropriately. trial to do so will result in termination of employment. Once the business is estabilshed and a student successfully enrolls in college we will furnish additional support there a nd have certain scholarships available as well.Each employee that works with each person will be recognised individually and the one who successfully works with each student and wait on them enroll in collegewill be rewarded for their hard work as well. Every employee will be responsible for telling each student their background and what they need to do to get to their point in life. They in like manner will let the student know that they will be there to support them in each and every way. We want to see each person excel so we will be sure to strike anyone into our course of study regardless or sex, race, or religion.Participative approachAchievement-oriented approachWe will allow each individual to be involved with their success and where they are at in the program. The teachers will be sure to let every student be involved in the decision-making because ultimately its their life. If a student is on their way out we will help careen them back in a help them understand why th e itinerary to success is not that way. Depending upon the grade level that the child is in the teacher will have specific goals for that person. The employees will get rewarded for the success that their teen has achieved as well as the teen. All parties will succeed. So now that they have succeeded it is our responsibility as a business to make sure that they dont fall off track. This program will be available to students until they turn 24 so we will follow them until then. We will make sure that they receive top honors if not close to it and be successful women and men.Leadership recommendation What is your recommendation for the BEST leadership approach for the work environment you described? Explain your recommendation.To be honest I think that supportive approach will work better for this typecast of business. We are in it to make sure that everyone has there equal right to employment and education. Not all teens know what to do after high school or what steps they need to take to get there. This program is designed to help each and everyone of them and our teachers will be sure to help in any way. However, I also think that the participative approach will be great as well because each student will have to participate with the teachers to reach a common goal.

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