Friday, March 15, 2019

Pride and Prejudice Essay -- essays research papers fc

Throughout Jane Austens novels she suggests marriages that are for wealth are more common as those for love. This idea is revealed in the course of her novels by the examples of marriages she provides. One example is Willoughby and Miss Sophia Grey in Sense and Sensibility, conjoin not because of love, but because it was the choice that promised financial security. Edwards sister, Fanny Dashwood, inappropriate Lucy Steele and Edward Ferrars marriage because Edward came from a wealthy past, which Lucy was not familiar with. However Austen also illustrates that some(a) marriages occur due to a deep love among two characters.Within Austens novel Pride and Prejudice on that point are marriages that occur because of strong passionate love. First the most perspicuous marriage for love was among Jane Bennett and Charles Bingley who instantly fell for one an another(prenominal). Although some opposed and actively tried to keep them apart, the love they had for each other brought the m together in the end. The marriage between Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy, although their connection started out in a negative light, both finally realized, in their own age how much they cared for one another thus leading to their marriage. The marriage between Lydia Bennett and George Wickham, although no love between them existed, the love that Darcy felt for Elizabeth made him have off Wickhams debt. In turn this forced Wickham to marry Lydia to rescue the Bennett family name. This novel just goes to show how love can ...

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