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Similar Roles of Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club :: Joy Luck Club Essays

Similar Roles of Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tans The pleasure circumstances Club The Joy Luck Club, a novel by Amy Tan, is structured in an unusual way. It is dual-lane into iv different sections. Each section has four stories told by four different women. In the first section all the dumbfounds, in the Joy Luck Club, palaver about their childhood. In the next two sections the young womans talk about their childhood and their experiences through life. In the last section the four mothers speak about the stories of when they were younger, around their girlfriends age. This novel explores countless topics. Not notwithstanding does it deal with gender identicalness and the relationships between Chinese-American cultures, but it also deals with mother daughter relationships. Amy Tan shows us how mothers and daughters mirror distributively other. Every daughter in this novel hears about their mothers life and sees some(a) comparisons to her own life. only women are daughters and must resolve the conflicts inherent in the mother/daughter relationship if they are to understand themselves an ultimately to establish their own identity. (Internet 1) No matter how old they get, mothers and daughters play similar roles. Even though an individual may not consciously do things that their mothers have taught/ get from them, they still act the same in some respects. An example of this would be GuYing-ying (Betty) St. Clair and Lena St. Clair. Both of these characters tell their stories. These stories, in ways, sound very similar to each other. Ying-yings story is called the Moon Lady. In this story, Ying-ying learns a truth and in some ways becomes a different person. As Ying-ying sat on the bound of the boat the firecrackers went off. She send away off the boat and found herself lost in a large body of water. She is discovered in the water and is brought to shoot down where she finds her family. Later she sees the moon chick and wants to make a hankering. The moon dame is similar to a shooting star. You only get one wish and it only appears once in a great while. However, when she sees the moon lady she discovers something. I could see the face of the moon lady shrunken cheeks, a broad oily nose, large glaring teeth, and red stained eyes. A face so tires that she she wearily pulled off her hair, her long gown fell from her shoulders and as the secret wish fell from my lips, the moon lady looked at me and became a man (83) Ying-ying discovers that things arent always what they appear to be.

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